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Frost Valley Rehearsal Retreat
Concerto Competition
Melodies of Christmas
Fundraising Expectation
Parent Involvement



Quick Links:
Emergency Contact / Health Form
Absence Form
Tuition Assistance Application
Rehearsal/Concert Schedule
Directions to Rehearsal and Concert Venues


As you read through the handbook, please pay particular attention to information next to the ESYO “Y-guy.”



At all ESYO rehearsals, concerts, and events, you are expected to maintain a standard of conduct that will be a credit to yourself, your parents, school, and community, and that will contribute to the atmosphere of serious work and musical excellence that distinguishes ESYO.

  • All members of any ESYO group and the adults who work with them must be respectful to, and supportive of, one another. Harassment, sexual harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated. These behaviors may include actions or statements that are designed to disturb or upset others, may be repetitive, and are often distinguished by issues of power and control. Youth or adults in ESYO experiencing or observing such behavior should report it to the ensemble manager or conductor immediately.


Start Time: You are expected to be in your seat, ready to play, at least 10 minutes before the downbeat for rehearsals, warm-ups, and concerts.

Conflicts (potential or known)

• Before the first rehearsal, and during the season, please continually check your calendar and notify your manager or conductor immediately of any potential or actual conflicts.

• Notice must be in writing – by email or absence form – as per the requirements of your ensemble. Click here for contact information. (link to Contacts & Communication section below)


• You are allowed two (2) absences per concert period.

• For all groups EXCEPT Youth Orchestra, only one of these absences may be in the three (3) weeks prior to a concert.

• For Youth Orchestra, no absences are allowed in the two weeks before a concert.

No absences from dress rehearsals, warm-ups, or concerts are permitted. If an unexcused absence does occur, the musician/musician’s family may be liable for costs incurred by ESYO to hire a replacement musician.

Proms and balls are not excused absences

• Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the manager / conductor / Executive Director. These decisions may be appealed to ESYO’s Board Review Committee.

• Emergency absences: In cases of unanticipated absences (illness or other emergency) call or send an email to your manager / conductor / parent liaison (depending upon your group) before rehearsal starts.

School Music Programs

  • • ESYO expects you to participate in your school ensembles.
    • Mandatory music-related school events take precedence over ESYO events. Musicians must submit an absence form – in writing or by email – in order for ESYO to have a record of the excused absence. 

ESYO will not tolerate the use, possession, sale, or giving away of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs, or the use or possession of any firearm or other weapon at any ESYO rehearsal, warm-up, performance or other ESYO activity.

Cell phone use for any purpose is not allowed during rehearsals, warm-ups, or concerts.

Chewing gum or eating in rehearsal or performance areas is not allowed.

Consequences for inappropriate conduct, excessive tardiness or absences, and unexcused absences may include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • • Being placed on immediate suspension by the musician’s manager or conductor;
    • Levying of a fine to cover ESYO’s costs for hiring a replacement musician;
    • Not being allowed to play in your next concert;
    • Dismissal for the remainder of the season;
    • Not being allowed to audition for the upcoming season.

Decisions about consequences may be appealed to the Review Committee of the ESYO Board of Directors. In the case of suspension or dismissal, the musician/family is still responsible for the payment of any outstanding tuition to ESYO.




Music Distribution & Collection

Music will be sent to members of Youth, Repertory, String, & Wind Orchestras in August. All others will receive their music at the first rehearsals in September. Please work on your music as soon as it is received.

Music folders are provided to each ESYO musician, courtesy of John Keal Music. It is the musician’s responsibility to take good care of his/her music.

Music will be collected at the end of each concert period per the instructions of the manager or conductor.

Practice / Private Lessons / Music Questions

All ESYO musicians are expected to take regularly scheduled private music lessons on their primary instrument to support the level of playing in their ESYO ensemble. If you need help finding a private teacher, please click here to visit our online directory.

Please work on your ESYO music with your private teacher and, as necessary, ask questions of the Principal Player in your section or your conductor.

Preparedness Review for String Players

For Youth, Repertory, and String Orchestras:  During each concert preparation period for Youth and Repertory Orchestras, and mid-season for String Orchestra, preparedness reviews for string players will be held to determine whether you have adequately prepared your music for the upcoming concert. Players who are unprepared will be expected to play for their conductor at a subsequent rehearsal and may not be permitted to play in the concert. Being unprepared more than once may jeopardize your continued participation in ESYO. Players who miss a preparedness review for any reason will play for the conductor at the next scheduled rehearsal to determine preparedness.

String Seating Assignments

All seating is at the discretion of the conductor, who will seat players in an order that will result in a strong and balanced section. With the exception of principal seats, a player’s seat assignment may be in the front, middle, or back, regardless of the musician’s ability or performance during the preparedness review.

Part Assignments for Brass & Woodwinds

Brass and woodwind players in both Youth and Repertory Orchestras will be heard by their conductors in the late summer before the first rehearsal. Part assignments are made after these sessions.

Brass and woodwind players in Wind Orchestra will be heard by the conductor in Sept. to determine part assignments. Players will be recorded mid-season for the conductor to evaluate seating assignments. 

Part Assignments for Percussion

Principal timpani and principal percussion seats are assigned based on the results of June auditions.

Principal Players - Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Principal Players include:

  • Setting an example of preparation, promptness, and attentiveness for the section;
  • Noting trouble spots in the music and bringing that to the attention of sectional coaches;
  • Calling for silence if necessary during a rehearsal;
  • Notifying section members of schedule changes;
  • String Principal Players: be sure the section plays all bowings as marked, and convey bowing changes or additions to the entire section.
  • Percussion Principal Players: assign parts and coordinate instruments for rehearsals and concerts.




Rates published here are for the 2016-17 season.

Youth Orchestra $1,250*

Repertory Orchestra $990*

Wind Orchestra $620

String Orchestra $620

Youth Jazz Ensemble $570

Repertory Jazz Ensemble $560

Youth Percussion Ensemble $650

Falcons Repertory Percussion Ensemble $630

Eagles Repertory Percussion Ensemble $630

Concertino Strings $500


* Youth Orchestra tuition includes cost of Frost Valley rehearsal retreat + Carnegie Hall participation.  Repertory Orchestra tuition includes cost of Frost Valley.

Discount for multiple memberships: A discount of $50 per tuition is available for multiple tuition in one family (e.g., more than one musician in ESYO, OR membership by one musician in two or more ensembles).

All tuition discount opportunities can be found here

ESYO is committed to ensuring that all musicians who successfully audition for ESYO ensembles are able to participate, regardless of financial considerations. Payment plans are available. Musicians may apply for need-based tuition assistance by completing and submitting an application. Applications are due by July 15. Musicians receiving tuition assistance may be asked to help their Managers or Conductors, which may include but is not limited to setting up / taking down chairs and stands before/after rehearsals and concerts.

ESYO gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the Alfred Z. Solomon Charitable Foundation and the Suzanne D. Lake Scholarship Fund that support our 2016 tuition assistance awards.

Payment Plans (choose ONLY ONE when you register online):

Option A - One Payment

Option A – One (1) Payment Plan
Balance of all tuition due on July 15.
Payment options: cash, check, credit card.

Option B - Five (5) Payments

Option B – Five (5) Payment Plan
Non-refundable deposit due July 15.
Balance to be paid in Five (5) installments on the 15th of each month.
Payment options: cash, check, credit card, or automatic deduction from your checking account.

Option C – Ten (10) Payments

Option C – Ten (10) Payment Plan*
Non-refundable deposit of $200 due July 15.
Balance to be paid in Ten (10) installments on the 15th of each month, August – May.
Payment option: automatic deduction from your checking account.

*This Payment Plan is not available for Concertino Strings tuition. 

Refund Policy

If you have to resign from ESYO, tuition will be refunded as follows:

  • If your tuition is paid in full and you are leaving
    • before the first rehearsal, you will receive:
      • Tuition paid less the $200 non-refundable deposit = refund
    • between your ensemble’s first rehearsal and Nov. 1, you will receive
      • (Tuition paid less the $200 non-refundable deposit) x 50% = refund
    • after Nov. 1, there is no refund.
  • If you are on a payment plan and you are leaving
    • before the first rehearsal, you will receive:
      • Tuition paid to date less the $200 non-refundable deposit = refund
    • after your ensemble’s first rehearsal there is no refund.
    • If your tuition is paid in full and you are leaving
      • before first rehearsal: 100% refund
      • after the first rehearsal but before Nov. 1: 50% refund
      • after Nov. 1, no refund
    • If you are on a payment plan and you are leaving
      • before first rehearsal: 100% refund
      • after first rehearsal: no refund

If you are suspended or dismissed from ESYO there is no refund.




  • After receiving an invitation to join an ESYO ensemble (based on your audition result) you must complete four steps to confirm your membership:
    1. Read the ESYO Members’ Handbook.
    2. Complete an online registration form found here
    3. Complete and submit a signed, hard-copy of the Emergency Contact / Health Information /Medical Treatment Authorization FormThis form is due: Aug. 25.
    4. Pay the $200 non-refundable deposit or submit a Tuition Assistance form by July 15. (For information about Tuition Assistance or go to (Members > Tuition).




Youth Orchestra
Conductor: Helen Cha-Pyo
Manager: Kevin Dorvil – [email protected]

Repertory Orchestra
Conductor: David Beck
Manager: Sue Lascoe – [email protected]

String Orchestra
Conductor: Joseph Gumpper

Manager: Marylynne Brady-Johnson – [email protected]

Wind Orchestra
Conductor: Robert Hansbrough
Parent Managers:  Terisa & Carl Lindmark – [email protected]

Student Manager: Troy Fitchette – [email protected]

Youth Jazz Ensemble
Director: Paul Evoskevich –
 [email protected]

Repertory Jazz Ensemble
Conductor: Lee Russo – [email protected]

Youth Percussion Ensemble
Conductors: Richard Albagli –
[email protected]

and Mark Foster – [email protected]

Falcons Repertory Percussion Ensemble
Conductors: Richard Albagli – [email protected]
and John Antonio – [email protected]

Eagles Repertory Percussion Ensemble
Conductor: Genoveffa Vitale – [email protected]

Concertino Strings
Conductor: John Burmeister – [email protected]
Manager: Cheryl Kinkelaar – [email protected]



ESYO Administrative Office:
Rebecca Calos, Executive Director – [email protected]
Gabrielle DeMarco, Director of Communications & Donor Relations – [email protected]
Sue Lascoe, Operations Manager & Repertory Orchestra Manager – [email protected]
John Connolly, CHIME Program Director – [email protected]

Lisa Stulmaker, Business Manager – [email protected]
Kevin Dorvil, Youth Orchestra Manager, Music Librarian, and Administrative Assistant – [email protected]

Karyn Watts, Administrative Assistant & Webmaster – [email protected]
Beth Antonio, Percussion Ensemble Coordinator – [email protected]


Who do you contact with questions about . . .?

Absences or Rehearsal & Concert Schedules or Concert Dress Code

Youth Orchestra – [email protected]
Repertory Orchestra – [email protected]
Wind Orchestra – [email protected]
String Orchestra – [email protected]
Youth Jazz Ensemble – [email protected]
Repertory Jazz Ensemble – [email protected]
Youth Percussion Ensemble – [email protected]
Falcons Repertory Percussion Ensemble – [email protected]
Eagles Repertory Percussion Ensemble – [email protected]
Concertino Strings – [email protected]

Rehearsal / Concert Cancellations

Rehearsal and concert cancellations due to weather or other emergencies will be posted on our website, esyo.org, our Facebook page, and, if time permits, the School Closings Network carried by most television outlets in our region.  You will also receive an email notification.

Please plan to stay home if driving conditions are unsafe where you live even if the rehearsal has not been cancelled. Simply notify your manager or conductor – this will not be counted as an absence.


Please be sure that we have current emails for both musicians and parents/guardians.  During the course of the season, you’ll receive emails from conductors, managers, office staff, and “ESYO.”  Please do not unsubscribe!  The emails contain pertinent information about your specific ensembles as well as info from other arts organizations including offers of discount/free tickets.


Each fall, ESYO will distribute a digital membership directory to all musicians/parents and guardians in order to allow musicians and parents to communicate with each other to arrange car pools, plan chamber group or combo rehearsals, etc. You may opt out of being included in the directory when you complete the online members’ registration form.





Detailed schedules for all ESYO ensembles for both Rehearsals and Concerts can be found online here. Please check your ensemble’s schedule for conflicts and inform your manager and/or conductor about these conflicts as soon as possible. Directions to Rehearsal and Concert Venues can be found here.


Youth Orchestra

Tues., 7:00 – 10:00 pm, Brown School, Schenectady

Repertory Orchestra

Tues., 7:00 – 9:30 pm, Brown School, Schenectady

Wind Orchestra

Sun., 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Massry Center, The College of Saint Rose, Albany

String Orchestra

Thurs., 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Parsons Child and Family Center, Albany

**For 2016-17 season: Thurs., 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Youth Jazz Ensemble

Mon., 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Massry Center, The College of Saint Rose, Albany

Repertory Jazz Ensemble

Mon., 6:15 – 8:15 pm, Band Room, Guilderland High School, Guilderland

**For 2016-17 season: Mon., 6:15 – 8:15 pm

Youth Percussion Ensemble

Tues., 4:15 – 6:15 pm, Brown School, Schenectady

Falcons Repertory Percussion Ensemble

Sun., 5:45 – 8:00 pm, Brown School, Schenectady

Eagles Percussion Ensemble

Sun., 3:30 – 5:45 pm, Brown School, Schenectady

Concertino Strings

Sun., 4:30 – 6:00 pm, Brown School, Schenectady




ESYO Musicians are required to wear clothing that is professional in appearance following the specifications in this table. Manager and conductors are authorized to prohibit your participation in a concert if you are improperly attired.

Youth & Repertory Orchestras - Concert Dress


  • Ankle/floor-length, dressy black skirt (no revealing slits) OR loose-fitting, long, black dress pants (no leggings, jeans, or other casual pants)
  • Long sleeve dressy black blazer or collarless jacket (no sweaters)
  • Dressy white blouse (any sleeve length or shell)
  • Solid (opaque) black stockings or tights
  • Black dress shoes (flats or low heel)


  • Black suit
  • White dress shirt
  • Black socks
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black bow tie – you can purchase a tie(s) through ESYO for $5 – order through the online registration form.

Wind Orchestra & String Orchestra - Concert Dress


  • Ankle/floor-length, dressy black skirt (no revealing slits) OR loose-fitting, long black dress pants (no leggings, jeans, or other casual pants)
  • Dressy white blouse (any sleeve length or shell)
  • Solid (opaque) black stockings or tights
  • Black dress shoes (flats or low heel)


  • Black dress pants
  • White dress shirt
  • Black bow tie
  • Black socks
  • Black dress shoes

Concertino Strings - Concert Dress


  • Ankle/floor-length, dressy black skirt (no revealing slits) OR loose-fitting, long black dress pants (no leggings, jeans, or other casual pants)
  • Dressy white blouse (any sleeve length or shell)
  • Solid (opaque) black stockings or tights
  • Black dress shoes (flats or low heel)


  • Black dress pants
  • White dress shirt
  • Black socks
  • Black dress shoes

All Jazz and Percussion Ensembles - Concert Dress


  • Ankle/floor-length, dressy black skirt (no revealing slits) OR loose-fitting, long, black dress pants (no leggings, jeans, or other casual pants)
  • Dressy black blouse (any sleeve length or shell)**
  • Solid (opaque) black stockings or tights
  • Black dress shoes (flats or low heel)

**At discretion of conductors, percussion ensembles may be directed to wear white blouses.


  • Black dress pants
  • Black dress shirt**
  • Black socks
  • Black dress shoes

**At discretion of conductors, percussion ensembles may be directed to wear white shirts.


All musicians are expected to dress properly and present a neat and clean personal appearance at rehearsals and any ESYO events not requiring concert dress.


The concert dress code may be adjusted for weather conditions or any unusual coircumtances at the discretion of the conductor or manager.




Concert tickets are available about one month before the concert date. You will be notified as to how and when tickets are being sold.



To help develop new audiences for ESYO and to expose more young people to music, an ESYO player may receive one complimentary student ticket to a concert in which he or she is performing to give to a friend who has never attended an ESYO concert. Contact the ESYO office for your Bring-a-Friend ticket.

Member complimentary tickets

All current ESYO musicians may attend performances by other ESYO ensembles free of charge. Parents and other non-ESYO family members must pay for tickets.

Music Teacher complimentary tickets

Your school and private music teachers may have two complimentary tickets for any ESYO-produced concert. Please invite them to attend your concerts! Teachers may order these tickets by calling the ESYO office before the day of the concert. (If the concert is on a weekend, teachers should call before 4pm on the Friday before the concert.)


Bring-a-Friend, member complimentary tickets, and teacher complimentary tickets are not available for “Melodies of Christmas” performances, or any non-ESYO produced event.




(Youth & Repertory Orchestras Only)

Frost Valley is a required rehearsal retreat weekend for musicians in ESYO’s Youth and Repertory Orchestras and is held at the Frost Valley YMCA Camp in the Catskill Mountains. The weekend consists of three (3) full orchestra rehearsals and two (2) sectional rehearsals – the equivalent of more than a month of weekly rehearsals. In addition to music training, Frost Valley gives orchestra members a chance to get to know each other and the ESYO staff.

Members of the Youth and Repertory Orchestras are required to attend; there is a section for Frost Valley in the online Member’s Registration Form that should be completed by all members of the Youth and Repertory Orchestras. Questions about attendance and alternative travel arrangements should be directed immediately to Sue Lascoe, Operations Manager & Repertory Orchestra Manager: [email protected] or (518) 382-7581.


FROST VALLEY 2015 – scheduled for September 9 – 11, 2016

  • Fri., Sept. 9, 2016 – 3:30 pm – drop off musicians at Brown School, 150 Corlaer Ave., Schenectady, NY; buses will depart promptly at 4:00 pm.
  • Sun., Sept. 11, 2016 – 2:45 pm – pick up musicians at Brown School (buses will depart Frost Valley at 12:45 pm).

Staff / Chaperones

Frost Valley staff members are well trained and know our needs. We also have a staff of chaperones attuned to the needs of both teenagers and the younger musicians on the trip. Musicians will be supervised at all times.


Musicians bring their own sleeping bags and sleep indoors on bunks in comfortable lodges, all of which have indoor plumbing and hot water. Chaperones sleep in the same lodges as the musicians, but in separate rooms. Lodge/room assignments are made primarily based on the musicians’ ages. Musicians may request a roommate (through the online registration process) and we will try to meet that request.


Musicians will be able to choose from a wide-range of recreational activities during the rehearsal breaks. All musicians should be prepared for lots of walking to and from lodges and rehearsal spaces.


Musicians must bring a “bag” dinner to eat on the bus Friday evening; all other meals will be provided. Special diets can be accommodated; notify us about special diets on the online registration form.

What to Bring

You’ll receive detailed information about this as the retreat date approaches.







ESYO’s Lois Lyman Concerto Competition was named in memory of an area violinist, teacher, and ESYO co-founder, and is open only to members of the Youth Orchestra in good standing. The competition is held each season, and the winner performs as a soloist with the Youth Orchestra at one of its concerts. At the discretion of the Conductor for the Repertory Orchestra, the runner-up may perform with that group.

To enter the competition, you must first have your choice of repertoire approved by the Music Director and, once approval has been received, you must submit an online application.

Guidelines and application can be found here.




Melodies of Christmas is an annual, televised holiday show featuring ESYO’s Youth Orchestra and Youth Chorale. Produced by CBS 6/Albany and sponsored by Freihofer’s and Price Chopper to benefit the pediatric oncology program at Albany Medical Center, the four Melodies concerts attract a total audience of over 10,000 each year. The show is taped for broadcast on CBS 6/Albany (WRGB) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As of December 2014, ESYO has helped raise more than $7 million for the program.

Youth Chorale - Participation by ESYO Musicians

The Youth Chorale is comprised of highly talented singers in grades 10 -12. Chorale auditions are held in early fall. The Chorale rehearses on Tuesday evenings in October, November, and early December. Members of ESYO’s Youth and Repertory Orchestras and String Ensemble may not participate in the Chorale because their respective rehearsals conflict with Chorale rehearsals.

Tickets for Melodies Concerts

Tickets for the Melodies concerts are sold by ESYO only to Youth Orchestra families during the month of October – before they go on sale to the general public. The Youth Chorale can buy tickets in October directly from Proctors Box Office. Information about ticket sales is posted in the rehearsal newsletter.




Barry Richman Careers in Music Scholarship

Named in honor of ESYO’s founder and the funder of this award, the Barry Richman Careers in Music Scholarship is awarded at the end of each season to a graduating senior from any ESYO ensemble who best exemplifies the values and goals of ESYO, serves as role model to his/her peers, has made outstanding musical contributions, and plans a career in music. A recommendation from the applicant’s music teacher is required. It is a $500 award. The winner is announced before the season ends.

Need-based Financial Aid

  • Alfred Z. Solomon Scholarship Fund – any eligible ESYO musician may apply through general Tuition Assistance form.
  • Suzanne D. Lake Scholarship – any eligible ESYO Youth Orchestra musician may apply through general Tuition Assistance form.




To keep ESYO accessible/affordable for most young musicians, the tuition we charge only covers about one-third of the full cost of the program. To help offset this short fall, ESYO holds fundraising activities to generate financial support and help spread the word about ESYO. ESYO musicians are expected to participate in these activities.

PLAYATHON – our biggest fundraiser!
Each orchestra and ensemble participates in this day-long fundraising performance marathon at a local shopping mall. Members are expected to collect at least $50 in donations before Playathon day; the musician who collects the most is awarded a prize donated by ESYO’s Board of Directors. Additional funds are raised on Playathon day through the sale of ESYO items and from auctions to conduct ESYO’s ensembles.




ESYO relies on the efforts of parent volunteers to help perform a variety of tasks that may range from stuffing envelopes for a large direct mail campaign to helping supervise musicians backstage at a concert. Requests for volunteers are usually sent via email, either directly from the ESYO office, the group’s manager, or from parent liaisons for the groups.

Parent Liaisons

Each ensemble has one or more parents who serve as volunteer Parent Liaisons. Duties of the liaisons differ slightly between groups but, in general, involve coordinating volunteer activities that support the management of the group. For example, the liaisons may arrange for a few parents to help backstage before a concert, sell concert tickets, or pass out programs. Liaisons for the larger groups work with the groups’ managers; for the smaller groups, the liaisons work directly with the conductors.

Hall Monitors

For some ESYO groups, parents are asked to monitor the halls outside the rehearsal spaces to ensure that noise levels are appropriate and that ESYO musicians do not wander into restricted areas of the rehearsal venue.  For these groups, parents will be given an assignment of the rehearsal they are scheduled to serve; the schedule is prepared early enough so that changes can easily be made if necessary.

Snack Providers

Some ESYO groups break during rehearsals for snacks. You will be notified how snack is handled by your group and whether or when you may need to provide some portion of the snack.


Fundraising helps ESYO to keep its program affordable and accessible to as many young musicians as possible. Musicians and parents are expected to help with fundraising efforts as much as possible.




What is the tuition?

Tuition varies between ensembles. Click here for specific tuition amounts. Tuition covers approximately one-third of the cost of running ESYO’s program, helping to pay for professional musicians who conduct and coach the musicians, rental fees for rehearsal and concert halls, rental or purchase of music and more.

Where can I find directions to rehearsals and concerts?

Click here for directions to concert and rehearsal venues.

How do I contact my conductor or manager?

Read the CONTACTS AND COMMUNICATION section on this page for information as to whom you should contact for specific questions.

Who do I tell if I am going to be absent?

For all absences – those you are requesting permission for and for unexpected absences (as in the case of an illness), please notify you manager or conductor. Contact information is found in the CONTACTS AND COMMUNICATION section on this page.

How do I apply for tuition assistance?

By July 15, please submit a completed application that you can download from the Register page.  Here is a quick link. Because Tuition Assistance is need-based, we do require that you send us copies of the first two pages of your parents’ most recently filed Federal income tax return (with the Social Security numbers blacked out).

When is the Concerto Competition and how do I apply?

The 2016-17 competition will be held on Sept. 17, 2016, only for Youth Orchestra members in good standing who wish to enter the competition. Your repertoire choice must be approved by the Music Director BEFORE you can submit an application; requests for repertoire approval are due Jul. 25, 2016. The online application is due Aug. 1, 2016. Details and required forms can be found here.

When will I receive my music?

Youth and Repertory Orchestras receive their music (by mail) in August – early enough to practice for a listening session in late August (strings, brass and woodwinds for Youth Orchestra; brass and woodwinds for Repertory Orchestra) and to be ready for the Frost Valley rehearsal retreat in September. String Orchestra and Wind Orchestra receive music (by mail) in late August. Music is handed out to musicians in all other ensembles at first rehearsals in September.