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ESYO is staying home now, so we can perform together later. But, this doesn't mean that ESYO has stopped - we've gone online. 

Our conductors and teaching artists are using techniques familiar to their students and are giving listening exercises, practice challenges, and general support online using outstanding virtual platforms.  Our goal is to keep our musicians as active and engaged as possible, online.

Starting April 5, 2020, Google Classroom will be the hub for all ESYO ensemble communication and online learning.

Here is a step by step guide to getting online with ESYO.

Create a Free Google Account

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Step 1: Visit and click sign in.  The sign-in button is located in the top right of your window.

Step 2: Click create account. 

Step 3: Create a user name and password.

Step 4: Provide Google with your name and birthday. Add your mobile phone for additional account security.  (Students 13 and under may use their parent's account.  Parents may also create a login and manage the account using Google Family Link.)

Learn more about Family Link.

Already have a Google account? Sign in using your existing user name and password.


Using Google Apps

Google offers users a suite of apps that are free to use.

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  • Google Duo & Hangouts: Video chat with stand partners.  Practice with friends and connect with ESYO teaching artists and conductors.
  • Google Drive:  Upload practice videos, store files, complete written assignments using Google Docs or Google Sheets.  Create your own performance portfolio using Google Slides or Google Sites. 
  • Google Classroom: Attend online rehearsals with your ensemble, submit practice assignments, and review your conductor's notes and markings. Attend online courses and virtual masterclasses.

Gmail and Youtube are also accessible through your Google Account.

Learn more about Google Apps.

Enter a Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the hub of ensemble communication and online learning for ESYO. 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign in using your Google account.

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Step 3: Click the +  located in the top right corner to join a new classroom.  Copy & paste the classroom code provided by your conductor. 

FAQ! You can access Google Classroom on your Andriod phone, iPhone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 

Using Google Classroom

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Each ensemble, CHIME Site, or program at ESYO will have its own Google Classroom.  If you are involved in more than one ensemble you will belong to more than one Google Classroom. 

Using Google Classroom you can download ensemble documents, listening assignments, upload practice videos, receive direct feedback from the conductor or section leader, and participate in virtual meet up's with your ensemble.  Think of these meet up's as online rehearsals.  Just like in ESYO each virtual rehearsal will look different based on your ensemble.

FAQ! How do I keep track of news and announcements from each ensemble?  Google Classroom will send a notification to your Gmail account when important information or assignments are posted online.  

Need help? Check out this great intro video about Google Classroom. Thank you Mr. Vacca from Mohonasen Central School District for sharing this video

Click here to download a Quick Sheet!

Tools & Tips for ESYO Musicians & Parents

Online safety is top of mind for all parents.  ESYO online classrooms are facilitated by ESYO conductors and ensemble managers.  Secure Google accounts help keep our virtual classrooms safe and secure. 

Whether your ESYO musician is younger or in their teens, you can set digital ground rules and monitor their account using Google Family Link. 

If your ESYO musician is 13 or younger, their account must be set up using Family Link. For more information visit

Can I forward email notifications to my regular email address?  Yes,  You can automatically forward emails from your Google account to any email address.  You can choose to forward all new emails or just certain messages.   Learn more-->

Can I create a new Google account, if I already have a personal Google account?  Yes. Some people prefer to keep classroom accounts separate from personal accounts.  You can sign into multiple Google accounts.

  • Sign in to Google.
  • On the top right, select your profile icon.
  • Open the menu, select Add account.

Follow the prompts to sign in to your second account.  Once you are signed in, you can toggle between each account. Learn more -->