Repertory Percussion Ensemble



Genoveffa Vitale








Membership: 10
Auditions: Early June
Rehearsals: Sunday 5:00pm - 7:00pm
NYSSMA Level: Generally 3-5

ESYO is one of the only youth music organizations in the country to host a progressive program consisting of three percussion ensembles, each providing a clear path for young percussionists to follow as they develop and improve their ensemble skills under the guidance of the area's top percussionists. ESYO’s Repertory Percussion Ensemble is an ensemble experience for intermediate and advancing percussion musicians.  

Members of the ensemble explore a diverse range of instruments including marimba, vibraphone. timpani, and a host of drums from around the world. Repertoire ranges from contemporary compositions, educational arrangements, and transcriptions of famous classical works while focusing on reinforcing  technique, active listening, and musicality, which leads to musical growth. Musicians enrolled in ESYO Repertory Percussion Ensemble are afforded the unique opportunity to collaborate with other ESYO ensembles.  The ensemble training received in ESYO Repertory Percussion Ensemble, prepares members to audition for percussion placements in ESYO’s Wind Orchestra and Repertory Orchestra.