Repertory Jazz Orchestra


vitale gen

Conductor: Keith Prey
Membership: 18+
Auditions: Early June
Rehearsals: Weekly on Thursday evenings
NYSSMA Level: Generally 3-5

ESYO Repertory Jazz Orchestra is a uniquely flexible and dynamic jazz orchestra experience for intermediate musicians interested in exploring jazz.  Open to most instruments, including string instruments and other orchestra instruments not typically found in a jazz ensemble, Repertory Jazz Orchestra explores a dynamic range of repertoire from early swing to bebop, funk, and contemporary jazz.  Music selection focuses on introducing musicians to jazz, a uniquely American art form while learning improvisation and the musical skills and techniques found in all forms of jazz.

The Repertory Jazz Orchestra frequently performs on local and regional stages and occasionally commissions new work.  Recent commissions include “Walk Like the Guv” by jazz trombonist Michael Davis.