Financial Aid

Since our founding, we have upheld an important promise to our musicians—no musician to successfully audition into an ESYO performing ensemble will be turned away because of inability to pay tuition. Each year, we make available funding to not only help families with the cost of tuition, but also with the cost of private lessons and instrument rental and purchase.

ESYO is committed to ensuring that all musicians who successfully audition for ESYO ensembles are able to participate, independent of financial considerations.  Musicians may apply for need-based tuition financial aid by completing and submitting a Financial Aid Application upon acceptance. Musicians receiving tuition financial aid may be asked to help their Managers or Conductors, which may include but is not limited to setting up/taking down chairs and stands before/after rehearsals and concerts.

In 2019/2020, financial aid will be partially funded by the Alfred Z. Solomon Scholarship Fund; The Harmony in Music Scholarship, established by the Kolodziej and Resta Family; the Suzanne D. Lake Scholarship Fund, established by ESYO Alum Kathryn Lake Clue; the Richard Albagli Scholarship Fund; and the Niskayuna Community Foundation General Fund of The Comunity Foundation for the Greater Capital Region. ESYO is extremely grateful for the generosity of these donors who make it possible for so many young musicians to participate in ESYO.

Application deadline: July 26, 2019