Barry Richman Careers in Music Scholarship Student Application

This scholarship is awarded at the end of each ESYO season to a graduating senior from any ESYO group who best exemplifies the goals and standards of his/her ensemble, serves as a role model to his/her peers, has made outstanding musical contributions, and plans a career in music. It is a $1000 award.
  • Any eligible, graduating senior from any ESYO ensemble may apply.
  • Deadline to apply: Tuesday, June 1, 2021
  • To be considered for this scholarship, please complete and submit both of the required forms. The Teacher Recommendation Form must be completed by your School Music Teacher or, if home-schooled, by your Private Music Teacher.
  • Incomplete applications or applications received after deadline will not be considered. An application is incomplete if it is missing the Teacher Recommendation Form.

Applicant Information
Instrument & Education
Please list the instrument(s) you play followed by the number of years of study on the instrument(s). This can include instruments you do not play in ESYO.
Please list the current ESYO ensemble(s) of which you are a member. Ex. Symphony Orchestra, First Cello
Please enter the name of your high school. For home schools, please enter "home."
Please list all school-related musical groups that you participated in during high school. Include the grade level. Ex. Schenectady High School Orchestra (grades 9-12), Schenectady High School Concert Choir (grades 11-12)
Please list all community music ensembles that you participated in during high school. Include the total number of years. Ex. Capital District Youth Chorale (2 years).
Please list all music camps and programs that you have participated in during high school. Include the total number of years.
Planned Area of Study
ex. Music Performance (Bachelor's of Music), Business Administration with a minor in Music Industry (Bachelor of Science).
Personal Statement

You may choose to provide your personal statement either in writing or in video format. Please limit your essay to no more than 500 words, and your video to no more than 4 minutes.

Please address the following in your essay or video:

  1. What are your career goals, and how will your planned area of study/degree prepare you?
  2. Tell us about your musical growth over the past four years, highlighting one or two specific aspects that have inspired your career goals.
  3. How has ESYO, in particular, influenced your musical growth and future goals?
  4. As an ESYO graduate, how might your career path enable you to be an advocate for musical study, and for ESYO in particular?
To submit your personal video statement, upload your video to Youtube, change your visibility settings to private or unlisted, and copy & paste the Youtube link in the box above. Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..