ESYO CHIME Application

ESYO CHIME currently provides comprehensive support to children in in grades 1-8 with locations in Schenectady.

Please complete the application below based on your interested location.

ESYO CHIME at Proctors
CHIME at Proctors is open to all middle schools students (grades 6-8) in the Schenectady City School District as well as current CHIME musicians in grades 4-5 who have shown enough skill development to advance into this more advanced program. Teachers must submit a recommendation form for students applying for CHIME at Proctors.

Teachers Only: CLICK HERE to submit recommendation form for ESYO CHIME at Proctors. 

ESYO CHIME at Yates and Van Corlaer
Located at Yates and Van Corlaer Elementary Schools in Schenectady, this program is for children in grades 1-3, helping to provide them the musical foundation they need to go on to success in music.