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Help ESYO Honor the Class of 2016!

To honor our Class of 2016 and the close of an amazing ESYO season ESYO asks you to help us complete a 2016 Fundraising Challenge to end the season with a bang. In the month of June, ESYO challenges our supporters to help us raise $20,160! We wanted to have some fun with this, and suggest a donation at one of the below “2016” levels.

Whether you are a young alum who can only give $20.16 or a major supporter who can do much more, we ask that you give today to help us honor an exceptional 2016 and plan for an amazing 2016-17 season! 1,000 donations at $20.16 will get us there! 100 donations at $201.60 will get us there even faster! And we don’t even want to dream about 10 at $2,016….

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