Tours and Festivals

Thank you for your interest in being a chaperone for ESYO Symphony Orchestra's Tour in 2020. If you would like to be considered to be a chaperone, please fill out this form by August 1, 2019. The selection process will be based on tour group size, chaperone experience, and specific tour needs. The cost to attend the tour as a chaperone is $3,350.

Expectations of a Chaperone

Responsibilities include:

  1. Responsible for a group of up to 10 musicians;
  2. Responsible for knowing where musicians need to be and have them there on time;
  3. Know where your assigned musicians are at all times;
  4. Be familiar with any health, physical, emotional, etc. concerns for each person in the assigned group;
  5. Be familiar with the Code of Conduct Agreement and be consistent in following it;
  6. Be available to fulfill any need that may be assigned (help at rehearsals, concerts, care of musicians who may need to remain at the hotel, etc.);
  7. Report concerns or problems to ESYO staff; 
  8. Be a presence in halls and gathering places until curfew;
  9. Do bed/rooms checks each night;
  10. Accompany musicians on independent sight-seeing excursions during the musicians’ free time;
  11. Be a substitute parent and friend.

Chaperones walk the fine line of making this a very enjoyable and educational trip for our Symphony Orchestra members yet making sure our musicians follow the rules they agreed to so they have a safe trip.