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Why join ESYO?

To play music with other kids who are as passionate and dedicated about music as you.plaza yellow structure

To perform in some of the great music halls in the region…maybe even Carnegie Hall!

To grow – not just as a musician – but as a human being; to learn commitment, responsibility, and teamwork.

To have amazing opportunities like master classes, tours, exchanges and festivals.

To work with outstanding conductors and coaches.

To be part of performances that are spine-tingling!

To discover what you are capable of while working hard toward excellence.

To make new friends.

To have fun!


And here’s what former ESYO musicians say about their ESYO Experience:

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the training and experience I received from ESYO.”
Andy Blanco, ESYO ’00, professional percussionist

“Being part of ESYO . . . some of the most fun and most meaningful moments in my young adulthood.  ESYO taught me about work ethic (practice, practice!!), teamsmanship, and self-confidence.  I hope the students in ESYO today feel the same way.”
Sarah Lyman Tichonuk, ESYO ‘96

“As an alumnus in the audience . . . I was stunned by the impressive sound I heard from the orchestra.  I could not help but reflect on how important my ESYO years were in developing the musician and person I am.”
Joseph Betts, ESYO ‘09

“ESYO Jazz… became a springboard to taking music more seriously.”
Dominic Fallacaro, ESYO ’04, professional jazz pianist/composer