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Master your instrument on stage with ESYO and embark in joyful pursuit of musical excellence. Meet & make music with other musicians who are as passionate about music as you are. Strive to reach your full potential through high-level performance opportunities and be inspired by outstanding conductors and coaches, and tutelage from extraordinary guest artists on local, national and international stages.

Carnegie Hall in New York, NY

Unleash Your Creativity

Be musically daring! Explore new and unusual music that bends and blends genres and work alongside living composers to bring their music to life.  Refresh the great masterpieces of the past in a bold new way and share the music you love with the world. Discover the music in you through composition and improvisation and explore the space between music, technology and the arts through fun and innovative collaborations.

Sound Together

Whether you are a classical or jazz musician,
your music is amplified by hundreds of musicians.

An orchestra that moves together and breathes together, sounds together.
Whether you are a classical or jazz musician, a percussionist, or a vocalist, the music you make is amplified by the voices of hundreds of musicians from all walks of life, schools, and communities across upstate New York.