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The COVID-19 Emergency has Postponed Concerts, Closed Schools for the Year, and put Life as we Know it on Pause. But, from Living Rooms Around the Capital Region, ESYO Musicians are Playing Through the Pause and #SoundingTogether online.

ESYO oboist Anna posted a clip from Scheherezade on Instagram asking her friends if they wanted to collaborate to record this symphonic masterwork as a small sextet. Evie, Patrick, Joyce, Eujeong, and Eura, all members of the Symphony Orchestra, jumped at the opportunity to play together. "Seeing how enthusiastically and readily everyone jumped on board, I think we were all missing, not just music, but playing music together. While the limitations of playing together virtually did slow down the process a bit, it still felt quite rewarding and satisfying to hear the blend of our sounds in the end!" said Anna.

To create the video, Anna used her MacBook and iMovie to stitch and blend each part. Together as a group, they submitted their final video to the ESYO Symphony Orchestra's Virtual Chamber Music Competition.

ESYO Tubist Premieres His Third Duet Online!

ESYO musician Elihu loves the challenge of composing music for tuba. Last month, we featured his Duet for Two Tubas. During a recent online Symphony Orchestra rehearsal, he put out a call for a violinist to premiere his Duet for Tuba and Violin. Faith stepped up and volunteered to record the violin part on her smartphone. Using a free software app, Elihu cued up each video and premiered his new creation on his Instagram page. You can listen to all of Elihu's duets on ESYO's YouTube Channel.

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ESYO Young Leaders Focused on Bringing Music to Nursing Homes & Hospitals.

Members of ESYO's Young Leader Program are taking the lead to coordinate "virtual residencies" at local nursing homes, hospitals and senior living communities. Their goal? To bring joy and music to people who are shut-in and separated from their friends and family.  Read more

Repertory Orchestra & Symphony Orchestra Team up to Premiere Carlos Ágreda's "Ay Caray!"

When something unexpected happens, we sometimes say, "Oh, no!" or "come on!"; It's our way of letting out steam when we are faced with an obstacle. In Colombia, they say, "Ay, Caray!"

Under the virtual baton of Music Director Carlos Ágreda, ESYO's Repertory Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra teamed up online to begin rehearsing for the virtual premiere of Ay, Caray! by Carlos Ágreda. Carlos, Repertory Orchestra conductor David Beck, and a team of coaches met online using Google Classroom and then split up by section into 16 different virtual "rehearsal rooms." After the sectional rehearsal, Yaurie said: "It was good! We went over the most difficult parts individually with the coach, while the rest of us practiced along. Overall, I enjoyed it."

Stay tuned for more information about ESYO's upcoming virtual performances.

DEKA Quartet Logged on with String Orchestra for a Session About Recording Live-At-Home.

When ESYO's Artists-in-Residence, the Deka Quartet, heard about String Orchestra's At-Home Concert Series, they were eager to help out. Brian Bak, Yue Sun, Chieh-Fan Yiu, and So Sugiyama logged into Google Classroom and transformed String Orchestra's virtual rehearsal into a masterclass on how to create an at-home concert video. The one-hour masterclass also included at-home performances by each member of The Deka Quartet. Members of String Orchestra will each record a live-at-home concert for friends and family to enjoy.

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT | ESYO Senior Recipient of Schenectady Symphony Award

ESYO Senior Nicholas Dwarika is a versatile young musician who seamlessly migrates between classical repertoire and jazz standards as a member of ESYO's Repertory Orchestra and Youth Jazz Orchestra. Nick also volunteers as a peer teacher and mentor to members of ESYO's CHIME Program. The Schenectady Symphony Award comes with a $1000 scholarship that Nick will use to pursue a degree in Music. The Schenectady Symphony Award is presented each year in memory of SSO conductor and noted music educator Anthony R. Stefan.

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ESYO auditions have moved online using Acceptd, an online application and audition platform.

*Edit: As of November 20th, 2020 we are no longer using Acceptd. For more information go to


CHIME parents at all sites and locations have stepped up in a big way to help their young musicians with adjustments at home. From singing what comes next, tuning strings (not an easy feat), to helping with posture, parents are setting their child up for success.


ESYO online gives our musicians unprecedented access to the best talent in music today. Carlos made a few calls and lined up a virtual guest speaker series for all ESYO members to enjoy. Guests include Ryan Roberts Principal English Horn at the NY Phil; Chicago Symphony's Principal Timpanist David Herbert; and international concert violinist Timothy Chooi.


With numerous ensembles and orchestras, ESYO provides serious youth musicians of all abilities the opportunity to excel, grow, and perform. Plus, it's serious fun.

Whether you are just starting out, or you are an experienced player, whether you are a jazz or classical musician, ESYO has a place for you. Sign up for a virtual audition today!

We are challenged to learn, but not in a classroom. We are challenged to perform, but not in a concert hall.

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