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ESYO Alum Begins College with Help from Local Foundation

Double Bassist Begins Career with Support from the Henry Butzel Family Foundation

Performance Center at the College of St. RoseIt's mid-August, summer is coming to an end, and like most college students, ESYO Alum, Schenectady grad, and double bassist, Nicholas Dwarika, has been busy preparing for the first day of College. Nick will join a long list of ESYO alumni who have gone on to pursue a 4-year college degree. Not all ESYO alumni go off to the conservatory to study music. Many take the skills and lessons they have learned in ESYO and apply them to careers in science, technology, engineering, business, and public service. But, Nick has a dream to pass on his love of music to the next generation as a music teacher. The road to achieving his dream will begin this fall at the College of St. Rose in Albany. 

After a long summer of "gigging out" at small socially distanced grad parties, taking virtual lessons from players around the country, and practicing everything from the Bach Cello Suites and the Dragonetti Concerto to Charlie Parker's Just Friends and Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, Nick is most excited about playing with other musicians who are just as passionate about music as he is. Nick credited ESYO for helping him get to where he is now. "ESYO has helped prepare me by providing an environment that allowed me to challenge myself through an individual desire to become better," said Dwarika. But as Nick walks through the doors at the College of St. Rose, he will do it with confidence knowing that has the support of the Henry Butzel Family Foundation Scholarship. 

 MG 8486Named in memory of the late Dr. Henry Butzel, a biology professor at Union College, The Butzel Family Foundation Scholarship is centered upon providing financial support to graduates from the Schenectady School of Fine Arts. Mirium Butzel noted that "Nicholas' application showed him to be deeply involved in his study and devoted in his work with music, and especially appealing to me was his plan to teach at an appropriate time."   

Nick is grateful to the support that he is receiving from Mirium and the Henry Butzel Family Foundation. "The Butzel Scholarship allows me to pay for my college education without fear of having to take on student loans," said Dwarika. ESYO is also grateful for the support of Mirium and the Henry Butzel Family Foundation. Through their ongoing support of ESYO CHIME, dreams like Nick's are possible.

image003 1We are incredibly proud of Nick and his achievements and wish him and the entire Class of 2020 all the best as they begin their first year of college. 

To the newest members of ESYO, Nick has some advice for you. "Do not stress about others being better than you. Everyone started at a different time and put different amounts of time in to get better. It doesn’t matter where you are now, but what does matter is that you understand, you will improve over time."

Great advice Nick!