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Benefits of Sounding Together in Concertino Woodwind, Brass, & Percussion

 Playing a musical instrument challenges young people's minds and bodies and ignites their creativity. Playing a musical instrument creates new pathways of thinking and learning. But sounding together with other musicians who are as passionate about making music provides additional dimensions that further nurtures growth.

Empire State Youth Orchestra invites individual musicians from all walks of life to explore the infinite world of making music together as a community. For woodwind and brass players and percussionists enrolled in ESYO's Concertino Woodwind, Brass & Percussion ensembles, making music as a community is a fun, exciting, and unique experience.

Here are five benefits of making music with ESYO's Concertino Woodwind, Brass, & Percussion Ensemble:
  • Explore new sounds- Woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments come in all shapes and sizes. Their uniqueness offers a near limitless sonic palette filled with different sounds, colors, and timbres. From the brilliance and shimmer of a woodwind choir to the majestic resonance of a brass band and the heart-pounding experience of a percussion ensemble, beginning ESYO musicians explore these sounds together in instrument-specific ensembles.

  • Find the music in you- Music begins deep inside of each musician with breath. While wind and brass players learn breathing techniques with their private instructors, ESYO teaches young musicians about the art of breathing together as an ensemble because an ensemble that breathes together plays together.

  • Perform Interesting New Repertoire- Music connects young musicians to their culture and the culture of others. ESYO Concertino musicians explore the full spectrum of music for their instruments. Whether it's a spirited classical suite, a regal march, a bouncy New Orleans-inspired jam, or a contemporary percussion piece, ESYO challenges young musicians to be well-rounded performers.

  • Learn the Art of Listening- ESYO musicians learn about the importance of active listening. When performing together, musicians listen to themselves, their neighbors, and each instrument in the ensemble. Active listening requires focused attention, and is key to nurturing a musical ear and strong leadership skills.

  • Communication without Words- Learning to communicate without speaking is an important life lesson that extends well beyond the rehearsal room. When performing together, young musicians learn to communicate using their musicality, facial expressions, and body language. Most importantly, ESYO musicians learn when to lead and when to follow.

Join ESYO Today!

Sound Together & Make New Friends with ESYO

If you, your child, or a young woodwind, brass, or percussion musician in your life is passionate about making music, encourage them to join ESYO's Concertino Windwood, Brass, & Percussion. It's a 10-week session designed to introduce young musicians to the Empire State Youth Orchestra, and NO AUDITION IS REQUIRED. Registration is open now through February 18.