ESYO Encore Stage 

Celebrating the Class of 2019

Keynote Speaker

Stefon Harris, ESYO Class of 1991

What is Encore Stage?

Encore Stage is a celebration of ESYO's Class of 2019! Join us for ESYO's Senior Class Cabaret, an afternoon featuring short musical performances and a special presentation by ESYO Alumnus—acclaimed jazz vibraphonist and five-time Grammy nominee—Stefon Harris '91.

Encore Stage is an "open house" format—drop in or stay for the whole afternoon! This event is free and open to the public with a suggested admission of $20.19 in honor of the Class of 2019. Light refreshments will be served.

Saturday, June 15th, 2019
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Featuring Class of 2019 Performers & Friends

Beginning at 2:00 pm

Presentation By Special Guest Stefon Harris '91

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Class of 2019 Performers & Friends

Cecelia Amory FRENCH HORN
Anna Asch VIOLIN * 
Ansel Asch VIOLA * 
Laura Avila VIOLA * 
Andrew Bae CELLO * 
Caroline Bae VIOLIN
Matthew Barron BASS * 
Alexander Brignati TROMBONE * 
Paul Criscione VIOLIN * 
Josephine Content TRUMPET * 
Aidan John Doyle TROMBONE
Sam Dvorak VIOLA * 
Alexander Erb FRENCH HORN
Liam Fitzgerald PERCUSSION * 
Carina Gregori Asadourian VIOLIN * 
Elsie Harrison DiLisio TRUMPET 
Sam Hatfield DRUMS
Aidan Hughes TUBA
Bohdan Kinal TENOR SAX
Joshua Klamka PIANO
Lidia Liang VIOLIN * 
Simon Lindmark TRUMPET * 
Jordan Manocchi VIOLIN
Kayla Na CELLO
Avi Patel VIOLA
Madyson Powell FRENCH HORN *   
Anna Ryu VIOLIN 
Daniel Slatch BASS * 
Elli Sol Strich FRENCH HORN *
Glenn Trechel FRENCH HORN
Moses Torres BASS * 
Laura Van Voris CELLO * 
Alan Wang VIOLIN
Agnes Yang VIOLIN

* CLASS OF 2019 

Honor the Class of 2019

Support ESYO's Scholarship Fund in honor of our Class of 2019 at the door or online:

Class Supporter..........$20.19
Class Sponsor ..........$201.90
Class Mentor..........$2,019