Welcome to the Empire State Youth Orchestra! We look forward to working with you during the great season ahead!

As a member of an ESYO ensemble, you will be in the company of other musicians who are passionate about music.  You’ll work with professional conductors and coaches and really learn a lot about your music.  You will have opportunities to perform and share your talents with the public.  You will have an experience like no other – the ESYO Experience!

To make the most of your time in ESYO, please be sure to read the complete handbook before you complete your registration as a member so that you are familiar with ESYO’s policies.  The handbook contains important information about your responsibilities as an ESYO musician as well as ESYO’s policies and procedures.

Finally, please be sure to compare the concert and rehearsal schedule for your ensemble against your family and school calendars.  Please let us know of any conflicts right away.

Here’s to a wonderful season of music-making and learning!

Due by July 15: Membership registration 
Due by July 15: Deposit for Tuition (You will be taken to the payment page upon completing registration.)
Due by July 27: Tuition Assistance Form 
Due by August 24: Emergency Contact / Health Information / Medical Treatment Authorization Form

Quick Links:
2018-19 Member Registration – REQUIRED BY JULY 15
2018-19 ESYO Member Handbook
Tuition Payment Plan Authorization Form 
Schedules for Rehearsals and Concerts – all Ensembles
Directions to Rehearsal and Concert Venues
Concerto Competition Guidelines and Forms

“ESYO is an opportunity to play music with other young people who are all extremely dedicated to music and to making music as part of their lives.” Everett McNair, ESYO ’14

“ESYO is great and one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve ever had.” Colleen Bernstein, ESYO’12