3 Nights, 13 Ensembles, 400 Young Musicians Sounding Together

Premiered Thursday, June 11- Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 7pm

We premiered our first-ever digital music festival! Earlier this year when COVID-19 caused our community to shelter in place, Empire State Youth Orchestra decided that music would not stop. Undeterred by the Great Pause, ESYO transitioned its entire program to the virtual world, connecting through google meet and google classroom to continue learning and making music in new ways.

Featured Performances:


    Track list per day:

    Day One

    ESYO Youth Percussion Ensemble - Polka de Mama by Jose Alejandro Leon

    ESYO Youth Percussion Ensemble - Excerpt from Celebration by Thomas Gauge

    ESYO Chamber Percussion Ensemble - Cotton Eyed Joe by Ed Kiefer

    ESYO Concerto Competition Finalist Elihu Conant-Haque - Sonatine Pour Tuba et Piano by Jacques Castérède

    ESYO Wind Orchestra with Jay Dawson - Amazing Grace by Jay Dawson

    Day Two

    ESYO Youth Jazz Orchestra - "Patio Skyline" by ESYO conductor Lee Russo

    ESYO Youth Jazz Orchestra - "The Flintstones Theme" by Curtin, Hanna & Barbera

    ESYO Repertory Jazz Orchestra - "Bags Groove" by Milt Jackson

    ESYO Concerto Competition Winner William Lauricella - Ballade no. 3 in A-flat Major, op. 47 by Frédéric Chopin

    ESYO Concertino String Orchestra - "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong/ arr. by ESYO conductor Leo Milman

    Day Three

    ESYO Concertino Wind Ensemble - Rondeau, Theme from Masterpiece Theatre by Jean Joseph Mouret | arr. David Marlatt

    ESYO Symphony Orchestra Virtual Chamber Music Competition Winner - Excerpt from Scheherezade by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov / arranged for sextet by ESYO students

    EYSO Concertino Brass - "Fughette" by Johann Pachelbel / arr. Kevin Kaisershot

    ESYO Concertino Percussion Ensemble- "52 Card Pick Up" by ESYO conductor Genoveffa Vitale

    ESYO Concertino Percussion Ensemble - "Goldenberg" by ESYO conductor Genoveffa Vitale

    ESYO'S Symphony Orchestra & Repertory Orchestra - Virtual premiere of Ay, Caray! by ESYO Music Director Carlos Ágreda.

    Our Highlights

    Ay Caray! 360° Orchestra

    Making this virtual debut is an original composition by our Music Director Carlos Ágreda, "Ay Caray!", the winner of the 2016 Stockport Youth Orchestra Composition Competition. This composition was conceived to give an approach to contemporary techniques for young musicians, using an easy and attractive musical language. This virtual premiere was made possible by Carlos and creative director of the #SoundingTogether digital festival, Griffin Bengraff. They worked together to make a brand new 360° symphony orchestra layout for this performance. Look around and enjoy!

    What a Wonderful World

    Members of ESYO Concertino Strings got together online to record a quilted performance of Louis Armstrong's iconic song "What a Wonderful World." arranged by ESYO Concertino Strings Conductor, Leo Milman. This performance was featured at ESYO's Sounding Together Digital Festival on Friday, June 12, 2020, and dedicated to the hardworking teachers of New York's Capital Region.

    Amazing Grace (ft. Jay Dawson)

    Members of ESYO Wind Orchestra got together online with composer and bagpiper Jay Dawson to record the iconic song "Amazing Grace." arranged by composer Jay Dawson. This performance was featured at ESYO's Sounding Together Digital Festival on Thursday, June 11, 2020, and dedicated to healthcare heroes who continue risking their lives to save others.

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