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ESYO Soundwalk

Washington Park, Albany NY!

The ESYO Soundwalk is an immersive, musical audio tour in Washington Park that accompanies individuals as they walk along a specific nature path, and that changes with their location.

This Soundwalk is directed and produced by Founder Emma Edgar and other next-generation young musicians from the Empire State Youth Orchestra's Young Leader Program. The music in this Soundwalk, composed by young musicians and professional music artists, is unique to Albany and Washington Park, with emphasis on the beauty of nature surrounding us and Albany’s history. This Soundwalk is directed and produced by next-generation young musicians from the Empire State Youth Orchestra's Young Leader Program, with a goal to bring peace to the community by sharing music during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This classical music, nature-inspired audio tour premiered in Albany’s Washington Park on Memorial Day Weekend-May 30, 2021.

What is a Soundwalk?

The Soundwalk is an immersive musical audio tour that accompanies you, the walker, as you stroll through Washington Park.  This classical music playlist was commissioned, composed, and curated to highlight aspects of the park's landscape and also bring your attention to your auditory environment.  Some of the music also draws on Albany's cultural history by incorporating Dutch and Native American folk tunes. 

  • How it Works

    Your phone’s GPS is used to determine where you are in the park, and plays a piece of music depending on where you are. We have “attached” each piece of music along the path, and your phone will compare it’s location to those in the itinerary and determine which one is closer.

  • Download the App

    Download and open the app on your phone. Search "ESYO Soundwalk" and join the event.

    To see what songs are in the Soundwalk, check out our program notes here!

  • Share on Social Media

    Photo of a recent instagram post on the @esyoSoundwalk account and make sure to tag us with #esyoSoundwalk and post about your Soundwalk experience!

    The Soundwalk was available for listeners in the park throughout Summer 2021.

    Your contribution will help sustain ESYO's Young Leader Program, making youth-directed events like this possible