Smiling youth musicians  from ESYO posing for photo with instruments.  Photo was taken during ESYO's Hungarian Tour.
Serious Fun

With numerous ensembles and orchestras suiting a range of playing levels, ESYO provides serious youth musicians of all abilities the opportunity to excel, grow and perform. ESYO strives to inspire each musician to explore their true potential through high-level performance opportunities, training with outstanding conductors and coaches, and tutelage from extraordinary guest artists.

Whether you are a jazz or classical musician, an instrumentalist or vocalist, ESYO has a place for you. 

ESYO Concertino Winds & Percussion


Do you enjoy making music and playing your instrument?

Sign up for a ten-week session designed to introduce serious young musicians like you to the Empire State Youth Orchestra. Learn more about your instrument from outstanding conductors and explore new and exciting repetoire with other musicians who are as passionate about music as you!

All woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians are encouraged to apply!

Applications due February 18, 2022

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Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussion, & Voice





To enroll in any of ESYO's  performing groups, you need to sign up for an audition.

Auditions occur each June, with additional auditions through the fall to fill any vacancies. Auditions for ESYO Concert Chorale begin in September at the beginning of the school year. Concertino Winds & Percussion are 10-week introductory programs in the Spring that require only a teacher’s recommendation for admission.

Why do I need to audition?

Keep calm and do not stress.  An ESYO audition is not a competition, it's a process that helps ESYO conductors place you in an ensemble based on your musical experience.  ESYO has an ensemble for young musicians of varying skills and abilities.

Due to the progressive nature of ESYO’s performing groups, members and prospective members are invited to audition on a particular instrument, rather than signing up for a specific ensemble. We rely on a panel of experienced judges and ESYO Conductors to place members in an ensemble that challenges them as musicians, nourishes their continued growth, and engages them in a joyful pursuit of musical excellence.

If you are just starting out on your instrument, ESYO encourages you to work with your music teacher to prepare you for an ESYO audition.

Learn more about the audition process