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Non-Auditioned Programs

Non-Auditioned Program Opportunities

Concertino Woodwind, Brass, & Percussion

Sign up for a ten-week session to participate in a Wind Choir, Brass Choir, or Percussion Ensemble. Ensembles will engage in new and exciting repertoire and offer a concert at the close of the session.

Chamber Music Program

Playing chamber music is fun and exciting way to connect with others and grow as a musician. The ESYO Chamber Music Program strives to develop ensemble leadership skills, expand knowledge and appreciation for chamber music literature, and empower students to become self-reliant in a non-conducted ensemble.


CHIME (Creating Harmony Inspiring Musical Excellence) is the ESYO's signature instrumental music education partnership with the Schenectady City School District. ESYO CHIME places children on a path to musical excellence and cultivates skills needed to succeed in all areas of life, including collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Young Leaders

The Young Leader program provides ESYO members the opportunity to engage in leadership training and gain hands-on experience in the music world. Young Leaders have the chance to assist in ESYO programs, collaborate with their peers on community projects, engage with mentors and participate in leadership workshops.

Lois Lyman Concerto Competition

The Lois Lyman Concerto Competition is named after music teacher and one of ESYO's founding members, Lois Lyman. The winner is selected through a rigorous application and performance process from amongst Symphony Orchestra's membership each year. Applicants perform a concerto from memory before a judging panel. The chosen musician is given the opportunity to perform a solo in concert each season.