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Igniting Passion, Nurturing Development, and Cultivating Leadership

ESYO welcomes twenty-four young leaders & mentors to the ESYO Young Leader Program

Musicians are well suited for becoming leaders, not only in their ensemble but out in the community.  The ESYO Young Leaders Program ignites the passions of young musicians, connecting them with service-oriented mentors who nurture their personal development and cultivate their leadership potential.  While ESYO mentors open doors, give advice and share experiences,  the next generation gains hands-on experience, observes, and engages in youth-led projects that serve the community.

Now in its third season, ESYO is proud to welcome twenty-four new leaders and twenty-four dedicated mentors to the program. Our mentors come from all walks of life and represent a diverse array of occupations and associations. The roster includes professors, artists, musicians, teachers, engineers, and many former ESYO musicians.

2021-2022 ESYO Young Leaders

Charlie Beauregard
Faith Borkowski
Joshua Bourassa
Georgia Burtt
Darren Cheng
Trey Coughlin
Amelia Douglas
Fay Hu
Jay-Era Johnson
Kristine Kim
Kevin Lee
Karina Li
Tiffany Ma
DeVaughn Miller
Olivia Petti
Maia Regan
Inari Sohn
Roméo Vashisth
Caitlin Weinhemer
Yu-Heng Wang
Michael Wong
William Wu
Bailey Yerdon
Vincent Zhang

2021-2022 ESYO Young Leader Mentors

Etienne Abelin
Robert Aronstein
Lana Auerbach
Peter Bellino
Colleen Bernstein
Sarah Bleichfeld
Brian Brancato
Aden Brooks
June Criscione
Phillip Ducreay
Clara Engen
Heather Frank
Joana Genova
Marka Gustavsson
Stefon Harris
Jean Leonard
Sean Jones
Colin O'Bryan
Brian Sacawa
Ann-Marie Schwartz
Alessandra Shellard
Kathryn Sloat
Chris Shiley
Joey Van Ullen