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2022 ESYO Playathon at Crossgates Mall


Saturday, March 26

11:00am - 5:00pm


Crossgates Mall

1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203

Thank you to everyone who supported Playathon!

Playathon makes record breaking comeback. Together, esyo's young musicians shattered previous records by raising $77,000 dollars.

Help raise $80,000 by donating today!

What is Playathon?

Playathon is ESYO’s most important friend-raiser and fundraiser of the year! This fun-filled day of music raises money for ESYO while showcasing the breadth & depth of our program! This free, family event takes place from 11:00am through 5:00pm at Crossgates Mall and showcases hundreds of young musicians! It's the only day of the year where all ESYO ensembles (including CHIME) perform—from the deep rumble of the percussion ensembles to the uplifting trills of the wind orchestra. The day also includes live auctions to earn a chance to lead one of the ensembles! Team up with friends to win the baton! 

Eat, drink, & raise money!

Our friends from UNO Pizzeria & Grill will donate up to 20% of your check when you dine-in or takeout at Playathon! Be sure to present a voucher to your server day-of. 

🎶 Support the future of music!

The marathon display of musical talent is more than simply a community concert; it helps ESYO ensure no qualified musician is ever turned away from the ESYO Experience because of an inability to pay. The money raised will fund a substantial portion of ESYO’s operating expenses and musician scholarships. As ESYO continues to emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, your support is neeed now, more than ever!

To reach our Playathon fundraising goal of $65,000 we have challenged each ensemble with their own fundraising goal. Help them get there—give generously! Let's see which ensemble can meet its fundraising goal first. Make a general donation toward Playathon or support your favorite ESYO ensemble/musician with a gift in their honor.

What a treat! We are thrilled to let you know that three of our wonderful conductors are coming together to support ESYO!  Keith Pray (Repertory Jazz), Peter Bellino (Youth Jazz), and Mark Foster (Youth Percussion) are auctioning their collective talents as the best Jazz Trio west of the Mississippi for Playathon.

The highest bidder will get a 45-minute concert at their home (or another agreed upon spot), on a mutually agreed date, for family and friends. We have never done this before; please donate to show your support for our wonderful conductors (all practicing professional musicians in their own right) and for ESYO!

To make a bid, follow the link below. We will update the bidding on the website and through your email! Good luck to all!

Join the FUN & Help each ensemble reach their goal!

Donate or fundraise today! With your donation or the donations you collect, you can dedicate your support to an ensemble and help them reach their goal. Current: $77,294.81* out of $65,000.00! Wow! Thank you to everyone who suppored Playathon:

* Approximate based on in-person donations. Updated 3/28/2022 at 3:16 PM

Become a Fundraiser

Sign up, customize your online fundraising profile, email your friends and family, and post your link online social via to raise funds in support of ESYO.


Make a secure donation online and credit your donation to an ESYO ensemble team or a registered fundraiser in the dropdown menu. 

Ensembles & Goals

Thank you for supporting Playathon!

Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to our latest donors:

March 27 - 28th

Anonymous for Juan Manrique
Clyde Maughan for Kyle Markham
Mel & Diana Byron for Julia Spretty
Dan & Meris Ruzow

Allison Hart-Young for Duncan Wall
Buck Miller for Anya Miller
Charity Bopp for Hannah Bopp
Jayashree Ganesh for Maanasa Vijayaraghavan
Kim & Mark Rossman for Abbigale Rossman
Lucille & Karel Janatka for Johnann Junkins
Margaret King
Paul & Mary Clyne
The Crapo Family for Kyle Markham
Nathan Kipniss for David Bebe
Samantha Friedman & Recai Yucel for Ela Yucel
Anonymous for Charlie Beauregard
Peter Roosa & Tari Wheeler Roosa for Emily Dupuis
Van Sproul for Hanh Nguyen
William Spera
William W Matthiesen for Benjamin Quist

March 25 - 26th

Amy Piscitelli for Thomas Ahl
Andrew Snow for Lyra Lenigk
Andy LaCooppola
Ann Halpin for Benjamin Halpin
Anne Savage & Michael Myers for Katherine Myers
Michael & Carol White for Thomas White
Charlene Dohanh for William Lauricella
Charlie VanDoren for Charlie Beauregard
Chaun & Dionne Richardson for Cristaine Richardson
Michael & Cheryl Ferraro for Matthew Kenyon
Anonymous for Karsen Rittner
Sean & Ellen Fitzgerald for Daniel & Michael Jantson
Evelyn Ledezma
Wendy & Greg Stewart for Madeleine Stewart
Hanh & Steven Lotz for Hailey Lotz
Heather Chan
Helen Cha-Pyo & Daniel Pyo
Henry F Walter for Charlie Beauregard
James & Edith Hedrick for Charlie Beauregard
James Xu  for David Zhao
Jeff Zemsky for William Lauricella
Tao Wu & Jie Huang
Jill Teresi for Austin Ernst
Jonatha Carroll
Ben & Julie Markham for Kyle Markham
Kimberly Keane for Charlie Beauregard
Linda Johnston for Tallis Wild
Marcia Horelick for Nadia Hawrylchak
Margret Hickey for Austin Ernst
Ted & Mary Chang for Clara De Long
John & Maureen Spence for Thomas Ahl
Michelle Marino for William Lauricella
Carol Kim & Paul Millard for Lily Millard
Siva & Sesha Bandaru
Stacey Cummings for Andrew Comparetta
Tina Zayac for Kathryn Alber
Deepak Vashishth & Valerie Vasselon for Romeo Vashishth
Wei-Long Wang & Pei-Chun Tsai for Yu-Heng Wang
Yun Lu & Pin He for Jeanne Lu

Alan Smith for Ivy Smith
Alexandra Manrique for Juan Manrique
Arthur Pakatar for Kathryn Alber
Ayshea Wild for Tallis Wild
Bill Watkins for Andrew Watkins
Brian Epping & Michelle Milot for Madeline Epping
Caroline & Dave Ahl for Thomas Ahl
Cheng-Mao Lee for Cile Lee
Daniel Froechlich for Duncan Wall
Etienne Abelin
Gail & Mary Clark-Savage for Madeleine Stewart
Harry Strole
Helene Pierce for Charlie Beauregard
Hyojin & Nadia Lee for Lucy Lee
Jamie & David Chismark for Addison Chismark
Jane Shieh for Anthony Padula
Jeanne & Tony Glover for Gigi Stewart
Jessica Kohout for Jay-Era Johnson
Jim Armbruster
Anonymous for Isabelle Mason
Kelly & Chris Visker for Charlie Beauregard
Korevaar Family for Aryeh Korevaar
Lois Quinn-Ortiz for Gabreal Reid
Matt Wall & Mika Hoffman for Duncan Wall
Michael Fountain for Kathryn Alber
Anonymous for Michael Wong
Miok Snow for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber
Nancy Clarke for Charlie Beauregard
Nita & Rajesh Ahuja for Shriyan Ahuja
Olivia Lee for Lucy Lee
Paul & Patricia Krekeler for Charlie Beauregard
Randy & Trish Stewart for Gigi Stewart
Rian Zhao for David Zhao
Cheryl & Steven Ainspan
Anne Wild-Rocheleau & Straford Wild-Rochealeau for Tallis Wild
Wai Kwan Yeung for Hanh Nguyen
Bin Zhu & Weiwei Miao for Lauren Zhu
Wendy Ausfeld for Jay-Era Johnson
Yi Cao & Ron Yang for Catherine & Emily Yang
YuLin Huang & Cheng-Mao Lee for Luen Lee

March 23 - 24th

March 24th
Focused Image
for Sonja De Piro
Kathleen & Aaron Borkowski for Faith Borkowski
Angela Stott for Charlie Beauregard
Anirudh Lakshminarayanan for Maanasa Vijayaraghavan
Anonymous for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Caryl Kelley for Sonja De Piro
Anonymous for Charlie Beauregard
Chengyong & Ying Wang for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Chris Lei for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Christine McDonald for Jacob & Nevin Mainoo
Christopher Higgins for Faith Borkowski
David & Jennifer Friedland for Ela Yucel
Diane Steffens for Charlie Beauregard
Elisa Strole for Shawn Chaney
Ellen Yu for Faith Borkowski
Emily & David Sturman
Fletcher Conlon for Tom Bowstead
Grandma & Grandpa Sullivan for Liam Sullivan
Holly Larson for Tyler Jung
Christine & John Connolly for Jack Connolly
David Bebe & Jamecyn Morey for David Bebe
Jennie Hoffman for Duncan Wall
Jenny Hayes for Jay-Era Johnson
Jessica LaFex for Nguyet-Vien Le
Mr. Bonville for Matthew Pallone
Wei Sun & Ruquiang Bao for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Kiesha MacLean for William Lauricella
Merle Marsh for Anya Miller
Anonymous for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Randy & Trish Stewart for Madeleine Stewart
Peter Olsta for William Lauricella
Anonymous for Duncan Wall
Robert & Roberta Friedman for Ela Yucel
Theresa Armstrong for Maeve Newkirk
Kathleen & Richard Ahl for Thomas Ahl
Tim Penk for Maeve Newkirk
Xiaojing Yang for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Xiumin Hu for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Yijia Song for Kehan “Kelvin” Bao
Donghee Sinn & Yun Suk Jung for Tyler Jung

March 23:
Aimee & Robert McMaster
for Gabby Clark
Allyson Burns for William Lauricella
Amanda Bedford for Maeve Newkirk
Anonymous for Nadia Hawrylchak
Daria De Piro for Sonja De Piro
Deborah Matrazzo for Sonja De Piro
Elaine Morcone for Clare Snyder
Feight Connie for Maeve Newkirk
Francesca Casaregola for William Lauricella
George De Piro for Sonja De Piro
Ha Tran for Hanh Nguyen
Mr. P for Charlie Beaugreard
Jaime Cable for William Lauricella
Jessica Betts for Cecelia Betts
Jill Greaux for William Lauricella
Joe Xu & Jinglin Li for Young Xu
Kathleen Savage for Maeve Newkirk
Lisa Franklin for William Lauricella
Liz Feight for Maeve Newkirk
Pan Li & Yunhai Wang for Kelvin Li
Phil & Rhonda Lichtenwalner for David Lichtenwalner
Richard Lauricella for William Lauricella
Robin Gold
Ronald Yu for Faith Borkowski
Roy Claydon for Finley Jones
Ruth Bergman for Matthew Kenyon
Sandra Benjamin for Payton Benjamin
Thomas Gambardella for William Lauricella
Timothy Mooney for Xrysanthi Sokaris
Toby & Fred Wander for Nadia Hawrylchak
Tracy Metzger for William Lauricella
Uncle Reese for Maeve Newkirk
Valerie Kraupner for William Lauricella
William Hickey for Matthew Kenyon

March 21 - 22th

Peak Music for Maanasa Vijayaraghavan
Anne Sharpe for Jay-Era Johnson
John & Beth Antonio
Sara Allen & Christopher Nugent for Natasha Nugent
David Bebe & Jamecyn Morey for David Bebe
David Van Nortwick for Abbigale Rossman
Jen & Joe Spretty for Julia Spretty
Jennifer Matrazzo for Sonja De Piro
John & Julie Petti for Olivia Petti
Keesha Woods for Jay-Era Johnson
Kelly & Doug Sullivan
Qiang Wu & Li Zheng for Allison Wu
Lori Dempf for Jay-Era Johnson
Peter & Lori Lauricella for William Lauricella
Lynda Sullivan for Liam Sullivan
Mary Kate McCarty
Rachel Gayne for Jay-Era Johnson
S Michael Phillip for Ellie Caine
Susan Chrzan for Caitlin Weinheimer
Vikki & Dean Hawkins for Brennan Hawkins
Chongguang & Yin Zhang for Vincent Zhang

Andrea Girolamo for Ivy Smith
Barbara Claydon for Finley Jones
Bill Boyle for Finley Jones
Bill Deremer for Heidi Tallman
Caroline D’Ambro
Daniel Potvin & Xiaoyan Huang for Sophie Potvin
Anonymous for Finley Jones
Denise Regan for Hazel & Maia Regan
Erin Fitzgerald for Ivy Smith
Fern Gnesin for Tom Bowstead
Geri Strole for Shawn Chaney
Heather A Grimmett
Jay Day for Mia Montross
Joshua Boyle for Sonia Bohla
Kari Donohue for Emily Donohue
Kathryn Raso for Emily Donohue, Nguyet-Vien Le, and Isabelle Mason
Kimberly Butler for Matthew Kenyon
Lauren Agnello
Lisa Meade for Finley Jones
Liz Mulholland for Finley Jones
Lorraine Frost for Faith Borkowski
Brad & Marla Gornstein for Leah Gornstein
Marvin Rossman for Abbigale Rossman
Mary M Jones for Finley Jones
Melissa Briggs for Finley Jones
Nichki Carangelo for Ivy Smith
Nicole Cook for Abbigale Rossman
Patty & Tom Morris for Julia Spretty
Paul Epstein for Tom Bowstead
Richard & Linda Abel for Andrew Watkins
Richard Rossman for Abbigale Rossman
Rick Fontaine for Julia Spretty
Roger Smith for Haley Clark
Rose Padula for Anthony Padula
Royce Abel for Andrew Watkins
Ryan Abel for Andrew Watkins
Shawn Galati for Shawn Chaney
Theresa & Joe Casal for Georgia Burtt

March 18 - 20th
Alan Smith for Ivy Smith
Amy Cronin for Faith Borkowski
Andrew Luo for David Zhao
Bernie Fitzgerald for Emma Shao
Bonnie & Stuart Rosenberg for Leah Gornstein
Cal & Sue Kenyon for Matthew Kenyon
Candace Kellogg for Ivy Smith
Carol Stiglemeier & Robert Bixby for Ivy Smith
Carol Pascale for Ivy Smith
Charlene Donohue & Libor Lamka for Emily Donohue
Uncle Charlie & Aunt Annie November for Georgia Burtt
Cheryl White for Faith Borkowski
Christina Bolt for Ivy Smith
Crown-Sen Shieh for Anthony Padula
David Rosenberg for Leah Gornstein
Debra OKeefe for Ivy Smith
Anonymous for Liam Sullivan
Gretchen Heller for Emily Donohue, Vien Le, and Isabelle Mason
Guoqin Li for Alina Song
Jack Shao for Emma Shao
Jackie & Mark Meeks for Ethan Meeks
Jeff Chaney for Shawn Chaney
Jennifer Diamond for Emma Shao
Joshua Buchanan for Shawn Chaney
Katie & Phil Iovieno for Shawn Chaney
Keri Cunnungham for Clare Snyder
Anonymous for Kevin Lee
Anonymous for Adam Judson
Meagan See for Emma Shao
Meg McCarthy for Shawn Chaney
Melissa Thomas for Faith Borkowski
Melody Ortiz
Memere Pepere for Maia & Hazel Regan
Michael Bellini for Georgia Burtt
Miller Lee for Kevin Lee
MiMi Song for Alina Song
Morgan Smith for Ivy Smith
Nancy Spretty for Julia Spretty
Anonymous for Georgia Burtt
Penelope Szumowski for Katherine Szumowski
Shenghong Song for Alina Song
SoSo Song for Alina Song
Susan Dickey
Tanja Iwaneczko for Nguyet-Vien Le
Tara Snyder for Clare Snyder
Vicy Yu & Zhiqiang Wang
Sara & William Tribou

Abby Kennedy for Tom Bowstead
Angelo Mazzone for Kathan Cerniglia
Christopher Sohn & Sara Wengert for Anika Sohn
Emily Byrne for Delphine Mann
Gene & Judy DeLong for Abigail Norsworthy
Jaewook Song for Emily & Matthew Kim
Jeffery Dubinski-Neesse for Matthew Kenyon
Jingyun Zhang for Alina Song
Joe Myers for Katherine Myers
Judith Hauser for Andrew Comparetta
Kassia Campbell  for Amanda Roberts
Kathleen Brittell for Andrew Comparetta
Kathryn Sokaris for Xrysanthi Sokaris
Kristin Knickerbocker & Jeffrey Bak for Anika Sohn
Laura Jackson for Delphine Mann
Nicole Ambrosino for Lily Burgess
Marguerite & Phil Shook for Delphine Mann
Paul & Kana Harding for Grant Harding
Peter Dafniotis for Kathan Cerniglia
Anonymous for Matthew Pallone
Sherri Benner for Matthew Kenyon
Si Tung Chan for Hanh Nguyen
Sooyeon Kwon & Marc Judson for Adam Judson

Andrew Song for Alina Song
Carlos Pesquera for Alicia Prieto
Chandramohan Subramanian for Maanasa Vijayaraghavan
Christine & Rick Relyea for Delphine Mann
Connie Snyder for Clare Snyder
David Kotsikoros for Olana Schillinger
Don Austin for Tom Bowstead
Ella Snook for Xrysanthi Sokaris
Hongjin Kim for Matthew & Emily Kim
Jenna Goodman for Clara De Long
Jennifer & Jonathan Mann for Delphine Mann
Jennifer Whittle-Clark for Haley Clark
John Kilroy for Emily Donohue & Nguyet-Vien Le
Jungeun Song for Emily & Matthew Kim
Lauren Mann for Delphine Mann
Maria Toledano Luque for David Zhao
Mike Sokaris for Xrysanthi Sokaris
Pamela A Pugh for Tom Bowstead
Radha Ballie for Sonia Bohla
Susan Lape for Delphine Mann
The Duggans for Delphine Mann
Yiayia Sokaris

March 16 - 17th

Agnes Kearon for Tom Bowstead
Alyssa Snyder for Clare Snyder
Angel Ng for Hanh Nguyen
Anne Duffy for Tom Bowstead
Carina & Catrina Lakharam for Sonia Bohla
Deborah Hirschklau for Lily Burgess
Debra Dodd for Lily Burgess
Diane & Rob Doig for Lily Burgess
Doug MacKenzie for Tom Bowstead
Fernando Roman for Tom Bowstead
Gita Ballie for Sonia Bohla
Grace Joo for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber
Hermattie Seelochan for Sonia Bohla
Anonymous for Tom Bowstead
Laura Morcone for Clare Snyder
Leejun Taylor for Kevin Lee
Richard & Elaine Gervais for Austin Ernst
S Hill for Lily Burgess
Suzanne Miller & Walter vom Saal for Anya Miller

Abuelos Acero for Dylan Casper
Anonymous for Andrea Restrepo
Anonymous for Dylan Casper
Anonymous for Andrea Restrepo
Bhouranie Kishun for Sonia Bohla
Anonymous for Tom Bowstead
Elaine Himes for Lily Burgess
Gina Willette for Lily Burgess
Anonymous for Dylan Casper
John Bowstead for Tom Bowstead
Kaitlyn Koch for Julia Spretty
The Allen Household for Natasha Nugent
Carmelo DePasquale for Lily Burgess
Lison Tunick for Tom Bowstead
Mary Morse for Tom Bowstead
Mickey Cheng for Hanh Nguyen
Popper Larsen for Madilyn Connor
Sheik Yerbouti for Andrea Restrepo
Robert & Priscilla Burgess for Lily Burgess
Xiaolei Shi for David Zhao

March 14 - 15th

Anne Savage & Michael Myers for Katherine Myers
Anonymous for Lyra Lenigk
Dean Rogers for Matthew Kenyon
Deborah Caine for Ellie Caine
Elissa & Daniel Fromowitz for Duncan Wall
Heather Garvey for Charlie Beauregard
Jeanette Makus for Sara Bubenik
Kevin Beaulieu for Matthew Kenyon
Lynn Elliot for Cristaine Richardson
Melissa Coughlin for Trey Coughlin
Patricia Savage for Katherine Myers
Peter & Sunitha Bellino
Rosalie Adams for Matthew Pallone
Scott Pallone for Matthew Pallone
Terry Word for Conor Costello
Virginia Pierce for Wyatt Pierce
Alex Ma & Flora ChanTony & Joyce for Hanh Nguyen
Alison & Jake Casper for Dylan Casper
Carol Wall for Duncan Wall
Cynthia & Gregory Roberts for Amanda Roberts
Donna Finlay for Maeve Newkirk
Heather Jahnke for Dylan Casper
James & Kate Schneider for Kathan Cerniglia
Jen Stumpf for Annika Polk
Julie Casper for Dylan Casper
Karen Yu for Faith Borkowski
Kathan Cerniglia for Kathan Cerniglia
Kelly Bishop for Madilyn Connor
Kimberly Denton for Gabby Clark
Marilyn Casper for Dylan Casper
Pamela Bishop for Madilyn Connor
Paul Harding for Kathan Cerniglia
Rebecca Stumpf for Annika Polk
Ryan Brock for Sonia Bohla
Tony & Joyce Mashuta for Kathan Cerniglia

March 11 - 13th

The Jones Family for Finley Jones
Bob & Trish Belsito for Liam Smith
Chelsea Carbone for Jane & Samantha Fanning
George White for Cristaine Richardson
Ann & Jim Vartuli for William Vartuli
Karen & Matt Hoff for Gabby Clark
Maarten DeVries
Maria Moore for Cristaine Richardson
Mary & Oscar Johnson for Cristaine Richardson
Megan Gilligan for Matthew Kenyon
Megan & Nicholas Scolaro for Natalie Scolaro
Penny Corris for Ellie Caine
Sean McDonald for Sonia Bohla
Sharon & Joe Kenyon for Matthew Kenyon
Stan MD, MBA for Ellie Caine
William Nugent for Natasha Nugent
Amy Roberts for Liam Smith
Anna Nolan for Gabby Clark
Anthony & Katherine Chismark for Addison Chismark
Bernard Charney & Family for Matthew Pallone
Bob Kuzewski for Duncan Wall
Carol Smith for Liam Smith
Chaohai Zhu for Alina Song
Christen Caruso for Angelina Pidgeon
Anonymous for Matthew Pallone
David Edelheit for Gabby Clark
Matthew Wall & Mika Hoffman for Duncan Wall
Ellen Pistana for Liam Smith
The Fennell Family for Liam Smith
The Big Zebrowskis for Georgia Burtt
Griffin Bengraff
Hui Gao for Renee Zhang
Anonymous for Hanh Nguyen
Jennifer Bishop for Madilyn Connor
Donnell & Jennifer Johnson for Cristaine Richardson
Kelley & Joe DiBella for Liam Smith
Jan & Ken Hoffman for Duncan Wall
Eric Spooner for Liam Smith
Lisa Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Marshall & Dolores Leggiero for Brian McNamara
Maureen Belsito for Liam Smith
Molly, Jacob, Lila, & Sam Agnew for Liam Smith
Nancy Siciliano for Gabby Clark
Bill & Pat Mehleisen for Liam Smith
Anonymous for Abigail Norsworthy
Rian Zhao for David Zhao
Roma Barbera for Angelina Pidgeon
Shelley Phillips & Ted Tapper for Ellie Caine
Sheronda Richardson for Cristaine Richardson
Grace Gao & Steven Zhang for Renee Zhang
Susan & Fred Wheeler for Duncan Wall
Tiffany Reutter for Georgia Burtt
Tim & Cathay Eckhardt for Conor Costello
Uncle Barry & Aunt Kelly Jurgensen for Madilyn Connor
Anonymous for Conor Costello
Arlene Holtzman for Hanh Nguyen
Avery Young for Conor Costello
Barbara Veeder for Katherine Szumowski
Carmel Musolff for Matthew Pallone
Cathy Hansen for Gabby Clark
Connie & Kurt Reichardt for Alexis Reichardt
Daniel Knoll for Conor Costello
Craig Anderson for Georgia Burtt
Danielle Roberts for Amanda Roberts
Ed Szumowski for Katherine Szumowski
Genia & Jim Meinhold for Duncan Wall
Gus Pallone for Matthew Pallone
Jean Betts for Cecelia Betts
Jen Steele for Katherine Szumowski
Jettie Word for Conor Costello
Laura Jacaruso for Katherine Szumowski
Lisbeth Brooks for Katherine Szumowski
Maggie Stanley for Addison Chismark
Anonymous for Matthew Pallone
Michael Graves for Katherine Szumowski
Nancy Costello for Conor Costello
Pengbo & Feng Sun for Alina Song
Rachael Qin for Vincent Feng Liu
Stephen Shapiro for Amanda Roberts
Susan Jarvais for Olana Schillinger
Tammy Callanan for Gabby Clark
Terrence Word for Conor Costello
Uncle Chris & Aiden for Madilyn Connor
William Sullivan for Julia Saxby
 Zach Word for Conor Costello

March 1 - 10th

Faith Carson for Gabby Clark
Ralph Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Ri Cratty for Gabby Clark
Stacy Judge for Katherine Szumowski
Alexandra Mitsios for Angelina Pidgeon
Agelina Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Beverly Greco for Brian McNamara
Brian Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Cara Foshee for Angelina Pidgeon
Christina DeBenedictis for Angelina Pidgeon
Corrinne & Avery White for Johann Junkins
Jason & Courtney Reinhard for Addison Chismark
Michael & Crystal Junkins for Johann Junkins
Don & Patty Heller for Georgia Burtt
Erin Frederick for Gabby Clark
Flora Chan for Hanh Nguyen
Galen & Marjorie Erb for Johann Junkins
Grammy & Papa Hilbert for Julia Saxby
Jason Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Jeanne & Tony Glover for Madeleine Stewart
Joan Cody for Olana Schillinger
Lauren Laberge for Gabby Clark
Lisa Pijanowski for Angelina Pidgeon
Marai & Ingbong Kang for Tyler Jung
Bill & Margie Egan for Georgia Burtt
Michael Yuzunko for Lyra Lenigk
Bob & Nancy Meyer
Liz & Noel Varghese  for Ava Varghese
Papa & Grammy Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Robert Brown & Kenneth Ashe
Sarah Harris for Julia Saxby
Sarah Miller for Georgia Burtt
Sharon Edwards-Grant for DeVaughn Miller
Terry & Thea Coughlin for Trey Coughlin
Thomas McNamara for Brian McNamara
Tom & Kelly Miller for Georgia Burtt
Anonymous for Georgia Burtt
Wei Huang for Tingwen Zhang
Andrew Bubenik for Sara Bubenik
Rachel & Eric De Long for Clara De Long
Hannah Smith for Clara De Long
Anna Styer for Clara De Long
The Goodman Family for Clara De Long
Anonymous for Madeleine Stewart
Tracy Gelston for Sonia Bohla
Crystal & Michael Junkins for Johann Junkins
Corrine & Avery White for Johann Junkins
Anonymous for Hanh Nguyen
Joan E Kotsay for Alexis Reichardt
Tammy & Thomas Schillinger for Olana Schillinger
Joleta Nunes for Olana Schillinger
Adele Harris for Julia Saxby
Debra & Jon Larsen for Madilyn Connor
James Sorrentino for Julia Saxby
Kevin Wu for Anthony Zhang
Sung Min Lee for Tyler Jung
Yun Zhang & Nancy Zhao for Anthony Zhang
Denise Reichardt for Alexis Reichardt
Anonymous for Brendan Yan
Maria Bellini for Georgia Burtt
Melinda Lyer for Lyra Lengik
Anonymous for Lyra Lenigk
Nana & Papa Ondik for Madilyn Connor
Anonymous for Lyra Lenigk
Anonymous for Lyra Lenigk
Anonymous for Brendan Yan
Alonna Rudolph for Michael Wong
Christian F. Hummel for Georgia Burtt
Jian Pu for Lauren Zhu
Nick Bellini for Georgia Burtt
Tara & Philip Burtt for Georgia Burtt
Joseph Sung for Lucy Lee
Mary Alber for Kathryn Alber
Rachel Ondik for Madilyn Connor
Toby Zheng for Lauren Zhu
Ye Zhong & Huiming Bu for Lauren Zhu
Bill & Renetta Deremer for Heidi Tallman
Evan & Vicki Solot
Anonymous for Kathryn Alber
Russell Hawkins for Brennan Hawkins
Amanda Alvarez for Cecelia Betts
Barbara Walter for Brennan Hawkins
Evelyn & Thomas Read
Heidi & Drew Meka for Ceceila Betts
Krista & Greg Simotas for Heidi Tallman
Megan Donnelly for Brennan Hawkins
Anonymous for Brennan Hawkins
Mr. Clermont for Brennan Hawkins
Pam Germain-Asam for Brennan Hawkins
Rachel Kling for Cecelia Betts
Rebecca Calos
Renetta & James Tallman for Heidi Tallman