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2023 ESYO Playathon at Crossgates Mall

Brought to you by Summit Senior Living


Saturday, March 25

10:30am - 5:15 pm


Crossgates Mall

1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203

What is Playathon?

Playathon is ESYO’s most important friend-raiser and fundraiser of the year! This fun-filled day of music raises money for ESYO while showcasing the breadth & depth of our program! This free, family event takes place from 10:30am through 5:15pm at Crossgates Mall and showcases hundreds of young musicians! It's the only day of the year where all ESYO ensembles (including CHIME) perform—from the deep rumble of the percussion ensembles to the uplifting trills of the wind orchestra. The day also includes live auctions to earn a chance to lead one of the ensembles! Team up with friends to win the baton! 

🎶 Support the future of music!

The marathon display of musical talent is more than simply a community concert; it helps ESYO ensure no qualified musician is ever turned away from the ESYO Experience because of an inability to pay. The money raised will fund a substantial portion of ESYO’s operating expenses and musician scholarships. As ESYO continues to emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, your support is neeed now, more than ever!

To reach our Playathon fundraising goal of $75,000 we have challenged each ensemble with their own fundraising goal. Help them get there—give generously! Let's see which ensemble can meet its fundraising goal first. Make a general donation toward Playathon or support your favorite ESYO ensemble/musician with a gift in their honor.

2023 Playathon Schedule

Check out the full Playathon schedule here!

Join the FUN & Help each ensemble reach their goal!

Donate or fundraise today! With your donation or the donations you collect, you can dedicate your support to an ensemble and help them reach their goal. 

Start a Fundraiser

Sign up, customize your online fundraising profile, email your friends and family, and post your link online to raise funds in support of ESYO.


Make a secure donation online and support an ESYO ensemble team or a registered fundraiser. 


It takes a village! Sign up for a few hours or all day to help us keep Playathon running smoothly. 

Ensembles & Goals

Thank you to our latest donors:

March 19 - 25
Symphony Orchestra
$9,473.23 raised out of $11,850 goal

Sophia Xie for Trey Coughlin
Anonymous Donor for Ian Jin 
Violet Macdonald for Ronan Tiu
Jen & Joe Spretty for Julia Spretty 
Jenna Libutti for Ronan Tiu
Sherri Benner for Matthew Kenyon 
Yun Zhang & Nancy Zhao for Anthony Zhang
Pat Worden for Matthew Kenyon
Terry & Thea Coughlin for Trey Coughlin
Kristin Allen for Natasha Nugent 
Annabelle Dousharm for Winter Hubbell
Leejun Taylor for Kevin Lee
Donohue Family for Emily Donohue
Aaron Hubbell for Winter Hubell
Bernadette Bennett for Ronan Tiu
Ingrid Luo for Trey Coughlin 
Peter Newell for Ronan Tiu 
Sohalia Tiu for Ronan Tiu 
Ivelisse Verrico & Tim Lynch for Nicholas Lynch 
Haijun Chen for Ariel Chen
Georgia Burtt for Caitlin Weinheimer
Georgia Burtt for Trey Coughlin
Georgia Burtt for Liam Sullivan 
Hiep Tran for Hanh Nguyen
Wenhan Hu & Cara Wang for Isabella Hu
Anonymous Donor for Natasha Nugent
Janneke Van De Stadt for Natasha Nugent 
Alexandra Garbarini for Natasha Nugent
Jeffrey Smetana for Ariel Chen
Larisa Daniele for Ariel Chen
Nicole Kelly for Ariel Chen
Ashley Wysocarski for Ariel Chen
Resa DiGiacomo for Ariel Chen
Ryan Abel for Andrew Watkins 
Sarah Sussman for Natasha Nugent
Keith Axelrod for Ariel Chen
Anna Ryu for Trey Coughlin
Sharon Li for Kevin Lee
Grace Moceri for Winter Hubbell
Anonymous Donor for Natasha Nugent
Suzanne Kenyon for Matthew Kenyon 
William Hickey for Matthew Kenyon 
John Yeman for Ian Jin 
Anonymous Donor for Trey Coughlin
Patrick Culligan for Christina Cheng
Ralph Hubbell for Winter Hubbell
Kelly & Doug Sullivan for Liam Sullivan 
Sarah Allen & Christopher Nugent for Natasha Nugent 
Anonymous Donor for Adeline Hubbell
Kideok Jin & Sunju Park for Ian Jin 
Anonymous Donor for Abby Mercier
N R for William Wu
N R for Ronan Tiu
Chip Hubbell for Winter Hubbell
Joanne Renneman for Abby Mercier 
Tom Murphy for Thomas Ahl
Michael Healey for Julia Spretty 
Jerry Jerry for William Wu
Cliff Beede for William Wu
Carolyn Sweatland for Abby Mercier
Lori Farley for Matthew Kenyon
Thomas Leung & Emily Tong for Arthur Leung
Colleen Lennon for Thomas Ahl 
Caroline Ahl for Thomas Ahl 
Royce Abel for Andrew Watkins
Ben Jammin for Nicholas Lynch 
Fred & Paula de Long for Clara de Long 
Anonymous Donor for William Wu
Anonymous Donor for Trey Coughlin
Abi N for Trey Coughlin
R Wang for William Wu
Abi N for Adeline Hubbell
Fe Mondragon for Ronan Tiu
Laurie Ryan for Thomas Ahl 
Anonymous Donor for William Wu
Anonymous Donor for Wiliam Wu
Terry & Pat Kinal for Bohdan Kinal 
Julie & Peter Pedroni for Natasha Nugent
Michelle Schrader for Nguyet-Vien Le
Anonymous Donor for Bowen Yu 
Chris Kim for Liam Sullivan 
Joanna Wellington for Ronan Tiu 
Jeffrey Tan for Liam Sullivan 
Barbara Ahl for Thomas Ahl 
Anonymous Donor for Liam Sullivan 
Kathleen & Richard Ahl for Thomas Ahl 
Linda & Richard Abel for Andrew Watkins 
Harry Ding for Liam Sullivan 
Steven Ainspan for Will Lauricella 
Eileen Washor for Ian Jin 
Dede Hubbell for Adeline Hubbell
Nicole Pethic for Abby Mercier
Bill & Joyce Watkins for Andrew Watkins
Karen & Glenn Valle for Winter Hubbell
Mrs Griffin for Winter Hubbell
Zariyat Ahmed for Winter Hubbell
Jacqueline Kim for Isabelle Mason
Chris & Fiona Tiu for Ronan Tiu

Repertory Orchestra
$6,429.62 raised out of $11,550 goal

Crown-Seh Shieh for Anthony Padula 
Anne Savage & Michael Myers for Katie Myers
Joseph Rocheleau for Madeleine Rocheleau-Holmes
Ningning Cai & Li Yang for Nini Yang 
Ningning Cai & Li Yang for Coco Yang
Yingge Yang for Nini Yang
Yingge Yang for Coco Yang
Edith Duffy for Madeleine Rocheleau-Holmes
William Finlay for Maeve Newkirk 
Padula Family for Anthony Padula
Jinglin Li & Joe Xu for Young Xu
Li Zheng & Qiang Wu for Michael Wu
Anonymous Donor for Brendan Yan
Dawei Liu for Alice Chen
Kristin Knickerbocker for Anika Sohn
Jeffrey Smetana for Alice Chen
Larisa Daniele for Alice Chen
Nicole Kelly for Alice Chen
Ashley Wysocarski for Alice Chen
Mila DiGiacomo for Alice Chen
Keith Axelrod for Alice Chen
Laura Eckhardt for Sonja De Piro 
Deborah Matarazzo for Sonja De Piro
Patrick Culligan for Catherine Cheng
Grandma and Grandpap for Avery Subik 
Maria Subik for Avery Subik
Katie & Bernie Jones for Finley Jones
Judah Eisenhandler for Ratna Bandaru
H K for Ratna Bandaru
Suzanne Miller for Anya Miller
David & Susan Scicchitano for Lily Scicchitano 
Brad & Lucy King for Alexander King 
Kathy King for Alexander King 
Lisa & Mike Janicke for Rose Janicke
Min Li & Zhaolin Cheng for Catherine Cheng
Marc Judson & Sooyeon Kwon for Adam Judson 
Kathleen Newkirk for Maeve Newkirk
Lin Holmes Howe for Madeleine Rochleau-Holmes
Kylie Conley for Brennan Hawkins
Amie Roe for Brennan Hawkins
Selaka Bulumulla for Vidhu Bulumulla
Tracy Young for Brennan Hawkins
Laura Rufa for Brennan Hawkins
Sungmin Lee for Tyler Jung
Barbara Claydon for Finley Jones
Marai King for Tyler Jung 
Vicky Yu for Samuel Wang
Ashley Hawkins for Brennan Hawkins 
Mary Jones for Finley Jones 
Jasmine Song for Matthew Kim 
Jungsuk Song for Matthew Kim 
Hong Jin Kim for Matthew Kim 
Jaewook Song for Matthew Kim 
Pat Rocheleau for Madeleine Rocheleau
Jennifer Matrazzo & George De Piro for Sonja De Piro

Wind Orchestra
$3,408.96 raised out of $4,500 goal

Sarah & Kabel Stanwicks for Eli Stanwicks
Anonymous Donor for Dre McElhinney
Kim Perkins for Abigail Brennan
Shawn McElhinney for Dre McElhinney
Steve Green for Dre McElhinney
Nicole Ambrosino for Lily Burgess
Bill & Jude Stanwicks for Eli Stanwicks
Brigit Pierce for Wyatt Pierce
Rachelle Colloton for Wyatt Pierce
Virginia Pierce for Wyatt Pierce
Kirstie Chen for Christina Zhang 
Omar Williams for Christina Zhang
S Hill for Lily Burgess

String Orchestra
$3,391.29 raised out of $6,600 goal

John Hong for Jacob Hong
Anonymous Donor for Jacob Hong
Agnieszka Zagula for Alexander Skuza
Anna Dziekan for Alexander Skuza
Rui Yang & Changlong Zhong for Thomas Zhong
Denise Clark for Gabriella Clark 
Anonymous Donor for Kevin Bao 
Anonymous Donor for Kevin Bao
Anonymous Donor for Kevin Bao
Anonymous Donor for Kevin Bao
Anonymous Donor for Kevin Bao 
Jinger Dudley for Thomas Zhong
Anonymous Donor for Kevin Bao 
James Cui for Kevin Bao 
Jason Zhou for Kevin Bao
Anonymous Donor for Vincent Liu
Doris Berland for Gabby Clark
Larry Yu for Thomas Zhong
Ronald Foster for Gabby Clark
Anonymous Donor for Elena LaFaver
Jeanette Makus for Kaiden Bubenik
Lisa Gonsisko for Kaiden Bubenik
Anonymous Donor for Kaiden Bubenik
Morgan Smith for Ivy Smith
Cate Wuertz for Ivy Smith
Carol Pascale for Ivy Smith
Samantha O’Keefe for Ivy Smith
William O’Keefe for Ivy Smith
Candace Kellogg for Ivy Smith
Hongbo Cao for Austin Cao
ChengMao Lee for Luen Lee
ChengMao Lee for Ci-Le Lee
Alan Smith for Ivy Smith
Edward O’Keefe for Ivy Smith
Corey Spain for Ivy Smith
Anonymous Donor for Albert Zhang 
Jasmine Song for Emily Kim
Jungsuk Song for Emily Kim 
Jennifer Shao for Emma Shao 
Will Hayes for Albert Zhang
Jaewook Song for Emily Kim 
Hong Jin Kim for Emily Kim
Sam Choi for Andrew Kim

Concertino Strings
$5,254.48 raised out of $5,850 goal

Mark Schulman for Brianna Harding 
Rebekah DeMassio for Brianna Harding 
Jeffrey Rubin for Brianna Harding
John Thomas for Brianna Harding 
Alan & Myrna Koldin for Brianna Harding
Samantha & Jeffrey Hicks for Amelia Hicks 
Jinglin Li & Joe Xu for Ben Xu
Jennifer West for Briana Harding 
Anonymous Donor for Xrysanthi Sokaris
Chelisa Pack for Kenton Pack
Georgia Burtt for Adele Zebrowski
Dristin Amos for Xrysanthi Sokaris
Jason & Tara Snyder for Clare Snyder
Anonymous Donor for Alina Song
Holly Blau for Alina Song
Elaine Morcone for Clare Snyder
Constance Snyder for Clare Snyder
Amanda Bonner for Xrysanthi Sokaris 
Maria, Steve, and Sara Zimmerman for Sophia Hemmid
Frances Miller for Amelia Hicks in honor of Martin & Susan Heyman 
Toby Klebonov for Amelia Hicks
Samantha O’Keefe for Josephine Smith
Morgan Smith for Josephine Smith
Adriana Harris for Sophia Hemmid
Anonymous Donor for Alina Song
Heidi Weber & Peter Raiff for Aydia Raiff
Candace Kellogg for Josephine Smith
Frank & Jane Bachner for Amelia Hicks
Terri Beers for Sophia Hemmid
Matthew Mendres for Aydia Raiff
Alan Smith for Josephine Smith
Addi & Khadija Hemmid for Sophia Hemmid
Daniel Bauer for Sophia Hemmid
Jim Kelley for Sophia Hemmid
Neerav Patel for Sophia Hemmid 
Chris Weber for Aydia Raiff
Anthony Tucker for Josephine Smith
Grandma & Grandpa Raiff for Aydia Raiff 
Ali Hemmid for Sophia Hemmid
Jennifer Shao for Mark Shao
Bobby Syed for Sophia Hemmid
Dennis Song for Alina Song
Marguerita Clark for Amelia Hicks 
Anthony Skrabalak for Sophia Hemmid
David Bebe & Jamecyn Morey for Augustin Bebe
Carol Pascale for Josephine Smith

Repertory Jazz Orchestra
$955.97 raised out of $1,950 goal

Deborah & Jeff Chaney for Shawn Chaney
Uncle Harry & Aunt Elisa for Shawn Chaney
Rajesh & Nita Ahuja for Shriyan Ahuja
Geraldine Strole for Shawn Chaney

Youth Jazz Orchestra
$1,345.86 raised out of $2,550 goal

STM Weather for John Wasula
Jason Fields for Sam Wagner
Mike Foote for Sam Wagner
Suzanne McDonough for Sam Wagner
Terry & Pat Kinal for Landon Kinal
Kelly Gonyo for Sam Wagner
Kevin Lindemann for Sam Wagner
Doug Blake for Sam Wagner
Denise Luczak for Lara Luczak
Steven Johnson for Lara Luczak
Josh Malone for Lara Luczak
Brittany Patterson for Lara Luczak
Nick Patterson for Lara Luczak

Youth Percussion
$177.62 raised out of $3,300 goal for all percussion ensembles
Repertory Percussion
$1,951.43 raised out of $3,300 goal for all percussion ensembles

Eugenia Alven for Matthew Pallone 
Michelle Haverly for Noah Florussen 
Natalie McKay for Noah Florussen
David Jenkins for Noah Florussen
Debra Gabriel for Angelina Pidgeon 
Sheila Seery for Angelina Pidgeon
Patricia Johnson for Liam Johnson 
Christina DeBenedictis for Angelina Pidgeon
Andrea Rohloff for Angelina Pidgeon 
Carrie Styles for Noah Florussen
John Watson for Angelina Pidgeon
Lisa & Dave Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Mary Pastore for Matthew Pallone
Ralph Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon 
Grammy & Papa Pidgeon for Angelina Pidgeon
Lisa Pijanowski for Angelina Pidgeon

Chamber Percussion
$738.93 raised out of $3,300 goal for all percussion ensembles

Vivian Levin for Liam MacFee
Marlene & Ryan MacFee for Liam MacFee
Mary L DeWolf for Liam MacFee
Anonymous Donor for Jahan Trivedi
Catherine Gatzen for Sophie Gatzen
Vikas Srivastav for Jahan Trivedi 
Panaash Chawda for Jahan Trivedi
M Bulla for Sophie Gatzen
Cynthia Hudson for Sophie Gatzen
Pat Messineo for Sophie Gatzen

CHIME Van Corlaer 
$269.65 raised out of $2,250 goal

Grandma & Grandpa Lopez for Keymari Lopez
Sarah Corbett for Van Corlaer CHIME 
Lydiana Torres for Keymari Lopez

$777.61 raised out of $4,200 goal

Paula Marshman for Millie Cleary
Michele Webb for Millie Cleary
Ronald Walker for Leo Galligan
Oliver Baez for Millie Cleary

CHIME Proctors
$311.19 raised out of $7,050 goal

Maria Madera for Sean Marley

ESYO Staff & Board
$8,674.44 raised out of $4,500 goal

Joan Brooks for Becky Calos
Herb L. Schultz Jr for Becky Calos 
Mary Clyne for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Don & Lois Porter for Becky Calos
Anonymous Donor for Becky Calos 
Lauren Agnello for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Daniel Zanella for Becky Calos 
Scott Provancher for Becky Calos
Andrea Restrepo for Andrea Restrepo 
Maureen Gorman for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Nancy Burton for Backy Calos
Jennifer Robillard for Becky Calos
Anonymous Donor for Andy LaCoppola
Jacquline Guidarelli-Wu for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Jennifer Robillard for Becky Calos
Anonymous Donor for Andy LaCoppola
Jacquline Guidarelli-Wu for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Anonymous Donor for Becky Calos
Kim Shiley for Chris Shiley
Jennifer Laursen for Becky Calos 
Bill Bury for Becky Calos

March 13 - 18
Symphony Orchestra
$4,077.98 raised out of $11,850 goal

Elaine Smith for Joseph Viscio
Terence & Mary Lou Coughlin for Trey Coughlin
William Worden for Matthew Kenyon
Tanya Choppy for Cole Martin
Jim Conde for Joseph Viscio
Mike & Carol White for Thomas White
Sunju Park for Ian Jin 
Tom & Patty Morris for Julia Spretty
Stacey Magliaro for Adeline Hubbell
Kristina Oliver for Julia Spretty
Jim Martin for Cole Martin 
Hy Chan for Tiffany Ma
Angus Lo for Tiffany Ma
Adam Hornick for Cole Martin  
Anonymous Donor for Adeline Huddell
Miller Lee & Sharon Li for Kevin Lee
Mickey Cheng for Tiffany Ma
Benson Truong for Bowen Yu
Kristina Vu for Bowen Yu
Deborah Bischoff for Kevin Lee
Bob & Adele Morris for Thomas White
Anonymous Donor for Adeline Hubbell 
Anonymous Donor for Natasha Nugent
Catherine Chan for Tiffany Ma
William Nugent for Natasha Nugent
Robert & Susan Smith for Cole Martin
Eunice Kim for Ian Jin 
Anonymous Donor for Joseph Viscio 
Linnea & Bernard Leikind for Abigail Norsworthy
Kristen Zepf for Nguyet-Vien Le
Yin Zhang for Vincent Zhang
Richard Lauricella for Will Lauricella
Christina Shook for Winter Hubbell
Keri Black for Cole Martin
Jason Impellizzeri for Joseph Viscio 
Louise Costello for Winter Hubbell
Anonymous Donor for Ronan Tiu
Joelene Costello for Winter Hubbell 
Anonymous Donor for Trey Coughlin

Repertory Orchestra
$2,039.07 raised out of $11,550 goal

Ravichandra Vakalapudi for Ratna Bandaru
Michael Quoma for Lucy Quoma
Frank Derrigo for Lucy Quoma
Wai Tong for Chloe Zhang
Ramana Allena for Ratna Bandaru
The Santo Family for Michael Jantson
Marika Chech Hacking for Harlow Kung
Divij Chakravarthi for Ankur Senapati
Myrna Jantson for Michael Jantson
Anthony Sena for Michael Jantson
Jeffrey Bak for Inari Sohn
Christopher Sohn for Inari Sohn
Christopher Sohn for Anika Sohn
Janet, Patrick, Griffin, and Ryan Holmes for Madeleine Rocheleau-Holmes
Annabelle Hoffman for Madeleine Rocheleau-Holmes
Maureen & Peter Ruben for Anika Sohn
Maureen & Peter Ruben for Inari Sohn 
Andrew Padula for Anthony Padula 
Rose Padula for Anthony Padula

Wind Orchestra
$1,991.32 raised out of $4,500 goal

Andrew Kriss for Tyler Wills 
Natasha Sweet for Kaylee Gutmaker
Jennifer Berman for Kaylee Gutmaker
Evan Shelley for Dre McElhinney
Debbie & Michael Armbruster for Kaylee Gutmaker 
Lori Ahmed for Luqman Ahmed
Rich Eicher for Dre McElhinney
Cheryl Gutmaker for Kaylee Gutmaker
Zach Huey for Dre McElhinney

String Orchestra
$770.22 raised out of $6,600 goal

Jooyeon Lee for Victoria Chung
Jooyeon Lee for Jacob Hong
George Grella for River Henriksen
Kkon-Nym Jung for Victoria Chung
Se Hwa Lee for Jacob Hong
Joseph Hetko for Victoria Chung
Ji Young Kim for Jacob Hong
Marcin Skuza for Alexander Skuza
Rui Xu & Wei Zhou for Isabella Xu

Concertino Strings
$2,629.93 raised out of $5,850 goal

Mary Rainey for Angela Page
Grace Barnes for Anna Barnes
Wendy Roberts for Violet Stasi
Bill & Margie Egan for Adele Zebrowski 
Tommy & Kelly Miller for Adele Zebrowski
Aunt Sarah for Sophia Hemmid
Nick for Sophia Hemmid
Mom, Dad, Mamie, Pop, and Uncle Gregory for Haley Clark

Repertory Jazz Orchestra
$315.32 raised out of $1,950 goal

Catherine VanDeusen Riva for Alexis Berry

Youth Jazz Orchestra
$634.15 raised out of $2,550 goal

David Quist for Benjamin Quist
Anonymous Donor for John Wasula 
Zainab Magdon for Rafi Magdon-Ismail

Youth Percussion
$177.62 raised out of $3,300 goal

Annabel Czajkowski for Kingston Czajkowski
Nailin Yao for Kingston Czajkowski

Repertory Percussion
$1,164.63 raised out of $3,300 goal

Barbara Ryan for Liam Smith 
Jim & Carol Smith for Liam Smith 
Amy Roberts for Liam Smith
Anonymous Donor for Sarah Martino
Molly & Jacob Agnew for Liam Smith
Scott Pallone for Matthew Pallone
Katherine Baltis Levy for Matthew Pallone
Anthony Welcome for Maeve Newkirk

Chamber Percussion
$319.12 raised out of $3,300 goal

Stephanie & Jim DeSapio for Sophie Gatzen
Heather Grimmett for Mia Montross
Mima and the Day Family for Mia Montross
Manya Trivedi for Jahan Trivedi
Falguni Trivedi for Jahan Trivedi
Shreyan Kapale for Jahan Trivedi
Satya Vunnam for Jahan Trivedi
Gopala Krishna Vellanki for Jahan Trivedi
Ruchika Bhardwaj for Jahan Trivedi
Sandeep Anand for Jahan Trivedi
Arpit Khuraswar for Jahan Trivedi
Anurag Mittal for Jahan Trivedi
Anonymous Donor for Jahan Trivedi
Anonymous Donor for Jahan Trivedi

CHIME Van Corlaer 
$108.12 raised out of $2,250 goal

Sandra Martinez for Catalina Osuba
Keyla Lopez for Keymari Lopez
Grandma & Grandpa Lopez for Keymari Lopez

$730.29 raised out of $4,200 goal

Lisa Walker Galligan for Leo Galligan 
Maggie Rush Vinciguerra for Millie Cleary
Carlin Chruscicki for Leo Galligan
Linda Cleary for Millie Cleary
Cathy Gatta for Leo Galligan
Anonymous Doyle for Millie Cleary
Kaylee May for Millie Cleary
Nick Pashos for Millie Cleary
Brenda Schworm for Millie Cleary
Bradley Savoy for Millie Cleary

CHIME Proctors
$311.19 raised out of $7,050 goal

Anonymous Donor for Sean Marley
Charlene Bennett for Sean Marley
Laura Carney for Sean Marley
Heather Grimmett for Jack Montross
Mimi and the Day Family for Jack Montross
Maria Madera for Sean Marley

ESYO Staff & Board
$3,862.83 raised out of $4,500 goal

Jean Leonard for Becky Calos
Anna Kuwabara for Becky Calos
Tom & Evelyn Read for Becky Calos
Marlene Brody for Becky Calos
Pepito Perez for Andrea Restrepo 
Anonymous Donor for Andrea Restrepo
Robert Carreau for Becky Calos 
Mari Raygada for Andrea Restrepo
Martha Kasten for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Terry Spinelli for Becky Calos
Anonymous Donor for Etienne Abelin
Bill Spera for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Becky Calos for Chris Shiley
George A. Vorsheim Jr. for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Susan Bardack for Becky Calos
Denise Czerpak for Chris Shiley
Les Chabai for Diana Chabai-Booker
Maddie Sykes for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Grace Davitt for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Michael Naughton for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle
Robert Panasci for Anne-Marie Gorman Doyle


March 6 - 12
Symphony Orchestra
$2,726.57 raised out of $11,850 goal

Deborah Belle for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber 
Miok Snow for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber 
Laura Yoo for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber 
Jessica Berman for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber 
Kevin Wu for Anthony Zhang
Huyen Tran for Hanh Nguyen
Elsie de Long for Clara de Long
Kristine Wilhelm for Clara de Long
William Essien for Nguyet-Vien Le
Skip and Ellen Blumenthal for Clara de Long
Melissa Coughlin for Trey Coughlin
Susan Duquette for Abigail Norsworthy 
Mary Chang for Clara de Long
Mihae Joo for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber
Susan Hoch for Cyrus Joo-Schwaber
Diane Marcil for Alicia Prieto 
Peter & Lori Lauricella for Will Lauricella
Evelyn Ledezma for Will Lauricella
Jim & Ann Vartuli for Will Vartuli
Christy & Ryan Venter for Will Lauricella
Anonymous Donor for Abigail Norsworthy
Charlotte Clark for Joseph Viscio 
Grace Gao for Renee Zhang
John & Julie Petti for Olivia Petti
Steven Zhang for Renee Zhang

Wind Orchestra
$1,856.07 raised out of $4,500 goal

Joe Bailey for Lily Burgess
Charles Diggs for Tyler Wills
Ariel Franco for Tyler Wills 
Christine Gauss for Dre McElhinney
Family Budris for Dre McElhinney
Leanna Leffler for Kaylee Gutmaker
Valerie Selden for Jane Lapati
Robyn Gerin for Jane Lapati
Dona Lapati for Jane Lapati
Lynn Selden for Jane Lapati
Jeremy Cathey for Dre McElhinney
Patti Greene for Dre McElhinney
McDonald Family for DreMcElhinney
Bridget MacLagger for Kaylee Gutmaker
Linda McElhinney for Dre McElhinney
Laura Fernandez for Tyler Wills
Claudia Arias for Dre McElhinney
The Rizzo Family for Dre McElhinney
Michelle Kuty for Dre McElhinney

CHIME Van Corlaer 
$120 raised out of $2,250 goal

Aaron Ghangaprashad & Natasha Heralall-Autar for Natalia Ghangaprashad
Freddie & Joalys Verdejo for Keymari Lopez

String Orchestra
$543.42 raised out of $6,600 goal

Se Hwa Lee for Victoria Chung
Young You for Victoria Chung
Rakkoo Chung for Victoria Chung
Yuen Joo Choi for Andrew Kim  
Jungmo Kim for Andrew Kim  
Kyoungrok Oh for Andrew Kim
Sangil Park for Andrew Kim
Rebekka & Erik Henriksen for River Henriksen

Repertory Orchestra
$1,782.78 raised out of $11,550 goal

Anonymous Music Lover for Lyra Lenigk
Melinda Iyer for Lyra Lenigk
Jennifer Holt for Nolan Linck
Robert Ostrowski for Lyra Lenigk
Penny Linck for Nolan Linck
Alan Linck for Nolan Linck
Grandma and Grandpa Bruce for Nolan Linck
Vicky Yu & Zhiqiang Wang for Samuel Wang
Lily Tang for Chloe Zhang
Jane Liu for Chloe Zhang
Bin Zhang for Chloe Zhang
Nichole Xue for Chloe Zhang
Sara & Will Tribou for Emily Tribou
Carol & David Gascoyne for Caleb Gascoyne
John Ciovacco for Caleb Gascoyne
Alex Zhang for Chloe Zhang
Richard & Joanne Gascoyne for Caleb Gascoyne
Julie & Steve Fedoryk for Caleb Gascoyne
Anonymous Donor for Lucy Quoma
Deborah Goldstein for Lucy Quoma 
Stephanie & Vince Timperio for Caleb Gascoyne
John Coons for Lucy Quoma
Tarun Narravula for Ratna Bandaru
Adventure Bay Chamber of Commerce for Lucy Quoma 
Alexander Swaim for Lucy Quoma 
Lippo’s Gratuity Fund for Lucy Quoma

Repertory Jazz Orchestra
$315.32 raised out of $1,950 goal

Gabrielle Ettles for Zoltan Arthur
Richard & Amanda Berry for Alexis Berry

Youth Jazz Orchestra
$324.29 raised out of $2,550 goal

Rebecca Brittell for Andrew Comparetta
Judith Hauser for Andrew Comparetta
Maryrita Dobiel for Andrew Comparetta
Kelly Buttridge for Andrew Comparetta
Jennifer Newman for Andrew Comparetta

Concertino Strings
$2,453.19 raised out of $5,850 goal

Miten Negandhi for Sophia Hemmid
Jennifer Levesque for Sophia Hemmid
Mark McCauslin for Sophia Hemmid
Elise Cuda for Sophia Hemmid
Emily Yakel for Sophia Hemmid 
Momo Hemmid for Sophia Hemmid
Karen Schupack for Violet Stasi
Elsa, Anne, and Hernan Diaz for Violet Stasi 
Grampa & Gramma Ingalls for Violet Stasi
Harley Trachtenberg for Violet Stasi 
Matthew Clark for Violet Stasi
Randall Blackford for Violet Stasi
James, Monica, and Michael Barnes for Anna Barnes
Alex & Valerie Hrabko for Sophia Hemmid
Rometta Zebrowski for Adele Zebrowski 
Anna Kogan for Ilan Kogan
Biana Miller for Ilan Kogan
Anonymous Donor for Ilan Kogan
Lyubov Kogan for Ilan Kogan
Oksana Martemyanova for Ilan Kogan
Ilya Kogan for Ilan Kogan
Paul Stasi for Violet Stasi
Jaime Riegel for Adele Zebrowski 
Morgan Chimento for Adele Zebrowski 
Nova Burtt for Adele Zebrowski 
Bethany Liberty for Adele Zebrowski 
Stephanie Cordasco for Anna Barnes

$441.11 raised out of $4,200 goal

Bex & Peter Cleary for Millie Cleary
Serene Medina for Millie Cleary
Paula Marshman for Millie Cleary
Anonymous Donor for Millie Cleary
Marcia Mandel for Millie Cleary
Ginny Sweeney for Millie Cleary
Cathy Gatta for Millie Cleary
Cathy Gatta for Jayden Budhoo
Hannah O’Neill for Millie Cleary
Louise Aheridan for Millie Cleary
Spencer Sherry for Leo Galligan
Jenn & Scott Davis for Leo Galligan

Youth Percussion
$77.62 raised out of $3,300 goal

Peter & Lori Lauricella for Will Lauricella

Repertory Percussion
$21.24 raised out of $3,300 goal

Julianna Armbruster for Declan Armbruster
Christina Armbruster for Declan Armbruster

ESYO Staff & Board
$103.70 raised

David Gehrs for Becky Calos
Diana Chabai-Booker for Diana Chabai-Booker


February 26 - March 5
Wind Orchestra
$1,012.89 raised out of $4,500 goal

Catie Frey for Eli Stanwicks
Larry & Jean Mindel for Eli Stanwicks
Eric & Angela Schauer for Eli Stanwicks
Maryann Bowman for Tyler Wills
Peter Liporace for Tyler Wills
Ann Shattuck for Tyler Wills
Emily Fernandez for Tyler Wills 
Kate Amello for Tyler Wills
Barbara Cheruin for Abigail Brennan
Melony Spock for Holden Spock
Elaine Himes for Lily Burgess
Bob & Priscilla Burgess for Lily Burgess
Virginia Rathbun for Lily Burgess
Susan and Andrew Gutmaker for Kaylee Gutmaker
Amy Mangels for Kaylee Gutmaker

Concertino Strings
$754.75 raised out of $5,850 goal

Lauren Mann for Delphine Mann & Tallulah Mann
Maggie & Phil Shook for Delphine Mann & Tallulah Mann
Laura Jackson for Delphine Mann & Tallulah Mann
Emily Byrne for Delphine Mann
Theresa Jones for Hannah Keegan 
Mary Lunderville for Hannah Keegan 
Zoe Cole for Adele Zebrowki 
Phil & Tara Burtt for Adele Zebrowski

$41.54 raised out of $4,200 goal

Simmone Koarlall for Jayden Budhoo

Repertory Orchestra
$150 raised out of $11,550 goal

Brian Epping and Michelle Milot for Madeline Epping

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