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Amplify Our Voice offers CHIME youth a powerful vehicle to process emotion, explore shared experiences, and “amplify” their voices to the world. Annually, through reflection, improvisation, and experimentation, CHIME youth collaborate with a guest arranger to create an original, multi-level composition. The culminating original work is premiered to the community at the conclusion of the CHIME season.

CHIME’s AOV places youth in the driver's seat, and opens the door to limitless innovation, and organic, creative expression. Its ripple effect fundamentally changes the traditional youth orchestra paradigm. By empowering youth to exert personal influence over musical style, we can start to transform the traditional music education system into one that is culturally responsive, relevant and equitable. AOV offers youth not only instruction to master an instrument, but the opportunity to CREATE through that instrument, to layer their artistic and experimental voice atop those who have preceded them, and to break new ground for others to follow in their footsteps.

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This year's theme:


The AOV theme for 2023, chosen by students, is "Stop Violence, Show Kindness." Together as a musical community, ESYO CHIME explored the interconnectedness of music, sound, and emotion and translated their reflections into musical expressions and improvisations. CHIME students are creating an original work influenced and inspired by their creativity and are working with ESYO Composer-in-Residence Adrian Gordon to complete the final piece. 

Check out this short clip of Adrian showing a CHIME student where her musical contributions fit in to the composition.

The work is still to be premiered; watch this space for more coming soon.

Sponsored by:

Rea Charitable Trust

The Review Foundation

Barry Alan Gold Memorial Fund

Henry M. Butzel Foundation

Seymour Fox Foundation

Van Norton Family Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

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