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Tech FAQ

How do I get here?

The Soundwalk is located in Washington Park in Albany, NY.  The official address for the park is: Madison Avenue &, New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208.
The start of the Soundwalk is at Park Playhouse, the large building by the side of the lake.

By Car- Parking is available in the Thurlow Parking Lot or anywhere on the parks main roads.

By Bus - Albany CDTA busses have several stops along Madison avenue.  Any of the stops Along Madison Ave (between st and st), Rt 9W (between st and st), Western Ave and Robin St. will drop you off conveniently right next to the park and a short walk from the Soundwalk. See below the bus stops and zoom in on the map to see the brown pinpoint. This is the Park Playhouse, and the bus stops are represented by the small blue squares.

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What Do I Do Once I'm At The Park?

Once you arrive at Washington Park, walk over to Park Playhouse, the large building by the side of the lake. This is where your walk will start. Your journey will take you around the lake; although there is a suggested order in which you listen to the pieces (Notated “Section 1”, “Section 2”, “Section 3”, etc), you have the freedom to choose where you turn and direct the music. Open the izi.TRAVEL app and

Open the Izi Travel app - Search “ESYO Soundwalk”. Click the “Start” button. Do not worry about manually selecting any of the pinpoints on the map or items from the tracklist; the soundtrack will advance automatically. To find your location on the map, find the red dot.  That is you. As you walk through the Soundwalk, the next composition will play once the current one is done playing AND you are at the next section. After you listen to all the compositions on the lake trail and finish with Section 7, we encourage you to explore the park to find hidden Easter Eggs! Check out the map on the program notes page ( to get an idea of where they lie in the park!  You may need to restart the tour. The “Start” button will now say “Restart”.  Enjoy!

Make sure you download the app before the walk!

The izi.TRAVEL app is required for the ESYO Soundwalk. It contains audio guides for both cities and museums, as well as other cultural attractions. Upon showing up the park, this will be the app that will allow you to hear the carefully crafted pieces by the Soundwalk conductors.