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The National Anthem of Ukraine & Prayer for Ukraine

New York State is home to the largest community of Ukrainian Americans. With over 148,700 Ukrainian Americans living in communities across the state, they are our family members, friends, teachers, co-workers, and neighbors. Many New Yorkers know someone from Ukraine. You may even know someone with friends or family living in Ukraine. This brings our community closer to the devastation even though the war is half a world away.

Music has the power the uplift and inspires peace. It can celebrate life and mourn the loss of loved ones. Music brings comfort to the afflicted and hope to the hopeless. Even during the darkest days, music is a beacon of light.

At their last performance, the young musicians of ESYO's Wind Orchestra stood in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and performed the National Anthem of Ukraine. They also performed an arrangement of "A Prayer for Ukraine," the spiritual hymn of Ukraine.

ESYO Wind Orchestra dedicates this performance to all those around the world who seek peace and justice, defend life and liberty, and believe in a world without war and suffering.

To learn how you can support the humanitarian needs of refugees and the people on the front line in Ukraine visit

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