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Concerto for Cello, DJ/Electronics, & Orchestra

ESYO Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Etienne Abelin closed out the 2021-2022 season with a premiere of Fabrizio Cassol's Concerto Grosso for Cello & DJ/Electronics at Tanglewood's Ozawa Hall.

This innovative piece puts a "new spin" on Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No. 4. and features Peabody Conservatory's Wendel Patrick and Juilliard cellist Sebastian Stoger. The work is a sonic interplay between the past and the present and a musical essay on memory. Quoted throughout the piece are samples, riffs, and harmonies of Brahms’ final symphony with new sounds and textures produced by the DJ and turntables. Innovative and uncommon additions to a classical orchestra like turntables represent the present-day reality, while the cellist represents the past and what Johanne Brahms has written.

Performed and recorded on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at Tanglewood's Ozawa Hall in Lenox, MA.

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